Guide to Eiffel Tower in France, reason why I want to go for second time is here


Why is French Eiffel Tower called Iron Lady? You won't guess why!

If we talk about Eiffel Tower in France, I think many people know it. It is tallest building in Paris, France. Nowadays, it is also a cultural symbol of France, tower was built in honor of World Exhibition and to commemorate 100th anniversary of French Revolution. The tower is named after Eiffel, a famous French architect and designer, and at foot of tower on north side is a bronze bust of Eiffel. Today Uncle Cricket will walk you through whole Eiffel Tower travel strategy in France. That's reason why I want to go a second time!

Guide to Eiffel Tower in France, reason why I want to go for second time is here

The Eiffel Tower has a total height of 324 meters (24 meters including antenna). With exception of four pillars of tower, which are made of reinforced concrete, entire hull is made of steel. The iron tower was built in 1887 and is divided into three floors, which are at a height of 57m, 115m and 276m. There are 1711 steps from base of tower to top of tower, which is very impressive. Although height of three-story observatories is different, each of them has different views and can bring different tastes. For a century, millions of people have climbed to top of tower each year for breathtaking views of Paris.

Guide to Eiffel Tower in France, reason why I want to go for second time is here

When looking at iron tower during day, steel structure is clearly visible, which inspires awe. Many people like to stand at foot of tower and take a picture of tower from bottom up, it is really tall, but you can also look at Eiffel Tower at entrance to Palais de Chaillot on other side of Seine. .This is an observation deck with a panoramic view of tower.The shooting angle is excellent.

At night, Eiffel Tower presents a different scene, spotlight emits a golden light, and countless light bulbs create a flickering effect, with onset of darkness until 1:00 (summer lasts until 2:00), flashes first 10 minutes at beginning of each hour. There will also be special colors when facing special festivals and events, such as flashing red during Chinese New Year and flashing blue during European Union Day. Every year on July 14th, France's National Day, you can come to Place de Mars below tower to enjoy a concert and watch National Day fireworks display. Besides, it is also a popular place to count down to New Year, but it will be crowded at this time, so please pay attention to safety.

Guide to Eiffel Tower in France, reason why I want to go for second time is here

Why is Eiffel Tower also called Iron Lady? The reason must be unexpected: Eiffel Tower, built in 1889, has become a symbol of France. This 320-meter building is connected by 12,000 metal parts, which use more than 9,000 tons of steel. The French are feminine and delicate, they do not call this hippopotamus "big hero" or "big man", but intimately call him "iron lady".

If you want to climb tower, you can queue up to check necessary steps. If you want to spend less time in line, you can climb tower wearing a warm hat in winter! If you just buy an iron tower as a gift, mobile street stalls below can reach goal with a small amount of money, of course there is a gap in quality. Having climbed tower four times, it's also very new to be able to dine on tower, don't forget to book an appointment online in advance! You can also save waiting time.

Guide to Eiffel Tower in France, reason why I want to go for second time is here

It's worth remembering that if you go on weekend, you will have to queue for almost 3 hours before and after. There is a small bar and a toilet on top floor, which is reason for second visit!

At night, although buildings along River Seine are beautiful and colorful in light and shadow, when boat sails in front of Eiffel Tower, its splendor is stunning. Luminous, this beauty of light and shadow becomes brilliant because of its sublimity. There will be a light show every hour! It is a dance of white lights, flickering, forming a model of an iron tower.

Game strategy:

Ticket Locations and Transportation: Eiffel Tower Climbing Ticket, Adult Ticket (Over 25) (Skip Ticket Queue + No Printing, 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm), EUR 25.5 ≈ 199 RMB, located at: Champ de Mars, 5. Avenue Anatole France, 75007 Paris. Take metro line 6 and get off at Bir Hakeim station and walk for about 10 minutes.

Guide to Eiffel Tower in France, reason why I want to go for second time is here

Strategy: mid-June to early September: elevator from 9:00 to 0:45 next day (climb to top at 23:00, climb to tower at 24:00), stairs from 9:00 to 0:45 next day (24). :00 ascent to tower); other months: elevator 9:30-23:45 (22:30 upstairs, 23:00 to tower), stairs 9:30-18:30 (18:00 to tower). The time of last ascent to tower may be adjusted due to number of tourists. The Eiffel Tower is a landmark of France. When you arrive in Paris, you will really be able to see it from all sides, because none of buildings in Paris can exceed height of Eiffel Tower. While visiting big bus, you can also take pictures of architectural streets characteristic of Europe and backdrop of iron tower. If you want to visit tower, it is better to buy tickets online in advance, otherwise you will have to queue for several hours. Or you can book a table at restaurant in tower. You can cross road to other side to take a photo with a panoramic view of tower. Every day at 19:00 there will be a light show.

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