Travel Notes—France Provence and Nice "The world is colorful, but scenery still doesn't miss old customers"



France, a European country known for its romance.

Today we are guests in Provence, a romantic purple-lavender resort in France, and in Nice with blue coast.

1. Provence

Provence, located in southeast of France, is home to world famous lavender. The best time to see lavender every year is from late June to August, when big purple ocean releases bursts of bewitching fragrance with breeze.

This time we visit a lavender estate in Valensole-Pummersan, Provence. There is no public transport, so you need to travel on your own. No tickets required and when you look back at speeding road you will see this big purple sea.

At first glance, purple lavender is bright, vibrant and swaying, meeting in distance with blue and white skies, as beautiful as an oil painting.

Provence is not only birthplace of super-beautiful lavender, but also a great place for many people who want to escape from bustle of city and enjoy laziness. Here you can smell scent of flowers, drink coffee or fruit tea and feel beauty of world in silence. It represents a simple, carefree, relaxed and lazy lifestyle. As Meyer wrote, "Don't be surprised at favor or disgrace, just watch flowers bloom and fall in front of court, don't care to leave or stay, and follow clouds and clouds in sky."

2. Good

Nice, a city in southeast of France, located on Mediterranean coast in southeast of France, is second largest tourist city in France after Paris and one of most charming seaside resorts in Europe and world. The coastline is long and scenery is beautiful. It is also a city with an "ultra-long solar reserve" that can enjoy almost 300 days of sunshine a year.

Looking from above, Nice Beach looks like a "sapphire", inlaid with many houses with pavilions and pavilions. Feel quiet ocean next to bustling city. One movement and one stillness, a combination of movement and stillness ingeniously blended together.

Sometimes you can see a large number of tourists basking on beach and feeling baptism of sun.

The world is so big, I want to see it, several years have flown by in a flash. The scenery of Provence and Nice is still same, but if you go to those places now, you may not have same mentality, you may play different roles in life, and stories you encounter may not be same.

Looking back, blue and purple have remained same, and former traveler has been forgotten in change of years. Is person walking with you still same as before?