Global Tourist Attractions - Provence


When it comes to Provence, you think of lavender all over the mountains, which is a very romantic tourist attraction. Girls crave it, and it will free you from bondage and worries.

Global Tourist Attractions - Provence

Provence is world famous birthplace of lavender, where high quality wine is produced. Provence is also "city of knights" in Europe and birthplace of chivalric poetry, an important literary genre in Middle Ages.

Provence is made up of famous cities such as Aix and Marseille, as well as cities such as Arles, Gide, Avignon (also translated as Avignon) and Nimes. This area is rich in products, sunny and beautiful. It has attracted countless tourists since ancient Greece and Rome and is still a tourist attraction today.

Global Tourist Attractions - Provence

The geographical boundaries of Provence have changed a lot in history. In ancient Roman period, province of Provence stretched from Alps in north to Pyrenees in south, including all of southern France. During time of Roman Empire, Provence was listed as its province.


During Great Revolution at end of 18th century, France was divided into 5 different administrative provinces, and Provence was one of them.

In 1960s, administrative provinces were reorganized and divided into 22 regions, thus Provence-Alpes region was born. Before and after gentle university town of Aix and papal city of Avignon, there are also those medieval small villages and ancient mountain towns that have escaped changes of century.

Global Tourist Attractions - Provence

Provence is located in south of France. Initially, Provence stretched from Alps in north to Pyrenees in south, including entire southern region of France. Aix-en-Provence, hometown of painter Paul Cézanne, has been a university town since Middle Ages and is also known as "spring town". It is ancient capital of Roman Provence.

It is still famous for its Roman ruins, medieval, Gothic and Renaissance architecture. Aix is ​​also famous for its unique cuisine, rosé wine and a special language - a dialect of Provence.