Provence Raiders - Lavender Fields


Valensole: place where lavender blooms most brightly

Here you can buy lavender essential oil obtained in most natural and simple way, as well as various lavender trifles: for example, lavender-scented tea, lavender honey, lavender pads, etc. In addition to lavender souvenirs, it is also recommended to try lavender-flavored ice cream. In addition, in July, market sells a unique Provence jam pate, which has aroma of lavender and truffle, and taste is excellent.

Provence Raiders - Lavender Fields

Senanque Abbey: a monastery among flowers

Sénanque Abbey, located 2 kilometers from Stone Town (Gordes), is known for being strewn with lavender fields. The millennial monastery is tucked away in a quiet valley known as one of "most beautiful valleys of France." A sea of ​​purple flowers and a quaint monastery make up most classic postcard picture of Provence. flower fields are harvested at end of July.

This is also background to book Years in Mountains. The flower fields here are free to visit, but you cannot enter flower fields without permission. In addition, quaint stone monastery itself is also very beautiful, every morning free entry, ticket price 7 euros, and a must visit with a group in afternoon. You can buy a lot of lavender in souvenir shop of monastery.

Provence Raiders - Lavender Fields

Suo Village: lavender fields of a medieval town

Salt is known as "Lavender Capital" and is largest lavender growing area in Europe. The difference from Valensole plain is that it is a mountainous lavender with hilly terrain, which is very suitable for photography. Due to high altitude, flowering season is relatively late, usually from mid-July to mid-August, but it is recommended to pay attention to flowering information on official website in June.

The small town of Suokun has several medieval streets lined with pink houses and many small craft workshops. Every Wednesday morning there is also a market where it is recommended to buy lavender honey. Due to inconvenient transport, it is recommended to drive here on your own or book a one-day group at least a day before visit. When summer flowering season arrives, Avignon comes here every day to enjoy lavender.

Provence Raiders - Lavender Fields

Lavender Museum: Uplifting Your Posture Every Minute

The Lavender Museum (Musée de la Lavande) is located about 7 kilometers from Stone Town and about 30 kilometers from Avignon. Half of it is an exhibition hall and other half is a gift shop. Recommended for those who are interested in lavender. Every minute you can lift your posture and learn about process of planting lavender. and essential oil extraction.

You will learn from a short video at entrance that lavender and red wine have same ACO origin label. The essential oil extracted from pure lavender is called lavender, while essential oil extracted from hybrid lavender is called lavandin. In addition, lavender skin care products are not expensive here: pure natural lavender eye cream costs about 28 euros, which is cheaper than Sephora and Lafayette.