Compared to Mont Saint-Michel in France, how mysterious is Old Stone Seaside Park?


Compared to Mont Saint-Michel in France, how mysterious is Old Stone Seaside Park?

Visualization of Shilaoren Binhai Park

The veil of Shilaoren Binhai Park, a world-class coastal ecological park, will be unveiled soon.

Recently, Mr. Zhucheng learned from Laoshan Government Affairs Network that after peer review and comprehensive evaluation, results of collection and evaluation of design proposals for Qingdao Shilaoren Binhai Park have been officially announced.

Among them, consortium of agenceter agency (French landscape and urban planning firm TER (Daihe)) and Shenzhen Langchengshi Regional Planning and Design Co., Ltd. takes first place in "schematic design" stage. and Lina Ghotmeh Architecture; in second place is Shenzhen Leao Planning and Design Consulting Co., Ltd. and Mujia Architectural Planning (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Consortium of Institute of Planning and Architectural Design and Tourism Research Co., Ltd., third is Aiyikang Environmental Planning and Design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and consortium Ai Kang (Tianjin) Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.

Compared to Mont Saint-Michel in France, how mysterious is Old Stone Seaside Park?

Visualization of Shilaoren Binhai Park

In design and construction of Shilaoren Binhai Park, No. 1 Agency and Shenzhen Langchengshi Regional Planning and Design Co., Ltd. and Lina Ghotmeh Architecture design team, starting from integration of architecture and landscape, taking into account geological changes of Shilaoren With evolution of natural ecology as background, through stitching of sea and land, continuing ecological system and connections between mountains and sea, integration of future urban will finally be realized life and natural life in Laoshan area. In accordance with different rhythms of life and future general lifestyle, overall architectural system of park is being built. The existing plan also minimizes facade of building. The architectural form is a metaphor for an ice sheet falling in geological changes, conveying power of mountains and seas.

Announcing ranking of design team in "schematic design" stage means that design plan has entered "integrate and deepen" stage. In next phase, Laoshan District will fully absorb benefits and highlights of various schemes, unite opinions of relevant departments and experts, accelerate integration and deepening of attraction schemes, and promote speedy construction of Shilaoren Binhai Park, providing a new recreation spot for surrounding townspeople and tourists.

It is clear that agency was founded in Paris in 1986. After nearly 40 years of development, it has become only team in France to win double award of French Landscape Prize (2007) and French Planning Prize (2018). One of its founders, Michel Usli, led landscaping and implementation of French pavilion at Shanghai World Expo in 2010, and won and directed a 21-km waterfront public space on east bank of Huangpu River in Shanghai in 2016. and 2017 respectively. Through two key modernization projects and Shanghai Cultural Park World Expo.

Shilaoren Seaside Park, which this time was involved in development, will be another masterpiece of agency. In order to deeply analyze design concept of design team in design process of Shilaoren Binhai Park, on August 5, Zhu Chengjun had an exclusive conversation with design team in charge of this project.

The content of conversation is as follows:

Compared to Mont Saint-Michel in France, how mysterious is Old Stone Seaside Park?

Mont Saint-Michel. Image taken from Internet

Lord of City: What can Qingdao learn from building a world-class waterfront park? What world famous projects can be compared with?

MICHEL HESSLER, founder of French landscape and urban planning and design firm TER (Daihe):

Shilaoren Binhai Park has a very rare natural and geographical heritage, as well as a unique Laoshan culture, which determines need to learn from combination of park construction and cultural heritage development. Based on this, our reference case is Mont Saint-Michel in France. Mont Saint-Michel is a world-class tourist attraction with a very harmonious development of nature and man, and we believe that Qingdao Shilaoren Seaside Park will also become such a global tourist destination.

In addition, TER team won joint project tender and participated in construction of a 21-kilometer public space beautification project on waterfront on east bank of Huangpu River in Shanghai. The world has demonstrated Chinese experience A quality place on shore.

Zhuchengjun: What do you think world-class Shilaoren Binhai Park looks like? Where are international standards reflected?

The world-class seaside park Shilaoren will go beyond park category. It will become a unique landmark of Qingdao city with relief characteristics of sea erosion. building a modern ecological civilization in world of wisdom.

Leap from traditional coastal tourism area to world-class coastal ecological park and international coastal tourism destination, jumping out of short-term profit pursuit of traditional tourism development, can bring out uniqueness of Shilaoren coastal park and make that uniqueness Continue.

The international standard of Shilaoren Binhai Park is reflected in interpretation of characteristics of Shilaoren Binhai Park from an international point of view, so as not just to copy other parks or cases, but to tell about past and present of Shilaoren itself. and starting points.

In addition, a demonstration of park's waterfront restoration will also be a world-class offering. Many coastlines in Europe have been eroded due to tourism development. If Shilaoren Seaside Park can successfully create a coastline that integrates marine ecology and humanistic experience, it will be a world-class contribution to development of ecological civilization.

Lord of City: Could you present design concepts used in this competition?

LINA GHOTMEH, founder of TER (Daihe), landscape and urban planning and design firm MICHEL HOESSLER & LINA GHOTMEH:

Our main design concept is to tell story of interdependence of mountains and seas and create a journey through time for tourists. Beneath erosion of ocean Old Man Shi and Mount Laoshan look at each other from a distance, and we restore coastal park, full of oriental charm, through stitching of sea and land, continuation of mountains and forests, and connection of city, answering call of humanistic spirit of Shanghai.

In particular, there are three strategies:

First, create a sample coastline with ecological restoration. We use landforms caused by marine erosion and shape of bionic rock holes to restore hardened coastline, provide permanent habitat for marine life, create a hidden viewing route around Shilaoren Rock, and diversify restoration base. natural and human experience.

Second, use city's forests and gardens to carry on ecological groups and cultural legends of Laoshan. The plan will keep existing characteristic black pine tree as much as possible, and plant groups of base will be enriched in accordance with forest community system of Laoshan Mountain, and ecological plate will be created in accordance with life paths of terrestrial insects and sky birds. In these sections, we organize a series of sensory gardens to inherit cultural legends of Laoshan and Qingdao with characteristic paving and earth carvings.

In addition, modernization of urban life and ancillary economic facilities is carried out using a recognizable architectural language. By simulating process of splitting glaciers and mountains during geological movement, we created a series of unique rock structures and rock stations on base. They are encrusted in hilly area, responding to leisure of residents of surrounding area and needs of future tourism services, while creating an amazing viewing experience.

Lord of city: what can building such a world-class waterfront park bring to city of Qingdao?

Huang Mingli, founder of French office of TER (Daihe) in China:

To build such a world-class waterfront park, Qingdao can achieve several goals. This park can not only integrate into life of Qingdao residents, carry fragments of memories of their happy life, but also allow foreign travelers to experience city charm and humanistic attraction of Qingdao. This will greatly enhance popularity of Qingdao Ocean City and lay foundation for construction of a "bright ocean capital, beautiful and pleasant city."

Besides, this coastal park full of humanistic care is also a park city modernization practice and a great example of ecological civilization building, which can encourage country and even world to pay attention to the sustainable development of marine tourism. resources and environmental resources.

Compared to Mont Saint-Michel in France, how mysterious is Old Stone Seaside Park?

Visualization of Shilaoren Binhai Park

Finally, inspired by beautiful legend of Old Man Shi's father and daughter, design team also wrote a letter home for Old Man Shi Binhai Park:

To my dear daughter:

Old Man Shi is a memory of your father's childhood, as well as paradise where you grew up,

I still remember first time I took you to Old Man Shi, your happy smile when you saw sea and sky

Little you, my favorite thing is to lie on a hill facing sea

We catch sea here on weekends, you enjoy chasing crabs and stepping on waves,

When you grow up, you will record every detail of Old Man Shi and proudly send photos to your foreign children,

If you like outdoor sports, you like to walk from Old Man Shi to Laoshan, saying it is most beautiful walking route in Qingdao

By way, do you still remember that you especially enjoy listening to me tell cultural stories hidden in every garden in Xiandao?

Here, do yoga with mom, and then go to performance on a big ice cap

This is where you and your fiancé accidentally met facing sea, holding hands,

And now you're going to start your own little family, and daddy will always protect you like legendary Old Man Shi.


Shilaoren is a world famous coastal destination

But for me

This is most attached house.