good times provence


You said that what you most want to visit in France is not Paris, but Provence. Lavender's hometown, blue skies, a sea of ​​purple flowers, my favorite blue and my paranoid purple. We used to talk about traveling world with each other, maybe one day, in Provence, I'll wait for you and our love to start again?

The Luberon Salt Monastery's Flower Field is area's most famous lavender-watching spot, as well as backdrop to history of The Years in Mountains. valleys in France. There is a 12th century monastery on mountain. In front of Senanke monastery there is a large field of lavender flowers, which are planted by monks in monastery. Lavenders of different colors.

good times provence

Simian-la-Rotonde in Simian-la-Rotonde is a very characteristic mountain town. At top of mountain stands Rotunda castle, surrounded by a large field of lavender flowers. Standing in city of Shmiyana, purple flower fields can be seen everywhere, stretching to infinity.

Marseille: The writer Alexandre Dumas once said that "Marseille is rallying point of world". It is largest port in France and capital of Provence. At same time, Marseille also has an international airport with convenient transport links. , It is import of goods from East to West. As an important city in world, Marseille is polluted with a diverse and exotic atmosphere, and various beliefs and cultures of Islam and Catholicism are also represented on large and small buildings in Immortal Port. Recommended attractions: Longchamp Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral, Eva Castle.

good times provence

Arres: Arres is located at top of Rhone Delta. It was once occupied by Romans and has preserved very intact Roman ruins. The arena is also place where famous "Provencal bullfight" is held. Recommended Attractions: Ancient Theatre, Egyptian Obelisk, Van Gogh Cafe.

If God secretly gave us a makeover vacation and gave you seven more days in your life, would you take my hand and walk into this fragrant flower field? Would you walk into purple with my bare feet? Ocean?< /p>