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It is located near Saint-Malo Bay in Paris, France. It was built in 708 AD. The construction process lasted 800 years and it is a picturesque place on island.

1. Magic story France|History, culture and introduction to Mont Saint-Michel here, it is recommended to collect

Mont Saint-Michel is actually a rocky island located in waters near small town of Pontreux in Normandy region of Paris, on which abbey and church of Saint-Michel are built. I do not know whether it is glory of Mont Saint-Michel that believers have created myths and legends associated with it, or myths and legends that glorified Mont Saint-Michel all over world. The history of Mont Saint-Michel is history of a dense legend.

One night in AD 708, Cardinal Auber, who was practicing near Mont Saint-Michel, had a dream in which Archangel Michel pointed to a hill on shore, suggesting that he build a church there. Bishop Obie did not take it seriously at first, but over next few days, angel Michel appeared three times in Obie's dream and poked a hole in Obie's forehead with his fingers. The grandiose project of St. Michael's Church started this year. Over next 800 years, countless priests and laborers dragged heavy granite blocks across quicksand and lifted them step by step to top of mountain. Then, countless architects and artists have left traces of their finishing and carving on these hard granites. The church complex of Mont Saint-Michel was not actually completed until 16th century - dream at Auberge was occupied for eight centuries. From 12th to 13th centuries it was an extremely influential Benedictine monastery, monks left Hall of Miracles, Monk's Refectory and Knights' Hall on mountain, which today are very prominent buildings. At same time, life of townspeople and trade also developed at foot of mountain. During French Revolution, it was used as a prison, and then gradually fell silent. Only in middle of 10th century it was rebuilt here. In 1966, monastery was returned to monks of Benedictine church, and there are still a small number of monks leading a hermit life on mountain, following religious traditions of Benedictine church of 966 AD.

2. View of Saint-Michel from afar France|History, culture and introduction to Mont Saint-Michel here, it is recommended to collect

If you want to rank picturesque places in France, Eiffel Tower in Paris naturally comes in first place, but Mont Saint-Michel in Saint-Malo Bay comes second. Moving west from Paris to vicinity of Mont Saint-Michel, you have an extremely wide pasture in front of you, and pasture connects with an expanse of quicksand in distance. A cone-shaped hill rose from quicksand. The conical church-monastery complex of Saint-Michel on a hilltop is almost twice as high as hill on which it rests, with a diameter of about a kilometer. The gothic spire of church soars into sky, and golden statue of St. Michael at top points straight to sky with a sharp sword. At high tide, sea water rushes from Atlantic Ocean at a distance of 15 kilometers, and quicksand is instantly covered, turning Mont Saint-Michel into an isolated island.

Built in 11th-16th centuries, abbey of Saint-Michel is located on top of mountain. The three-story main building is focus of people's attention today. Its oldest part is a two-nave temple, which is now buried under main nave of church. St. Michael's Church is supported by huge wall stacks. From bottom to top, every building, every arch line and every pattern has thorns. All thorns are scattered and ordered, which makes people feel like resultant force of flight upwards. The most amazing thing is that each tier of pinnacles has basically same height of top, but in fact foundations of building stones under them are very different in height and height. With over 800 years of intermittent building, many architects with different styles and methods of construction, it is not easy to build this complex of buildings so perfectly and harmoniously.

3. St. Michael's Recent Appearance France|History, culture and introduction to Mont Saint-Michel here, it is recommended to collect

Going up to building complex, you can see that its bottom is supported by two large stone columns in Roman style. For hundreds of years it has been a place to store food and accommodate poor pilgrims. These two halls are very important because they provide people with food and shelter, two main guarantees of survival. However, during French Revolution it was also used as a prison and some notable people were kept there. Further up is study room and priests' reception room. Through countless halls and labyrinthine corridors, you can climb to temple on top floor. Worshiped by countless pilgrims, this legendary sanctuary has no elaborate stone carvings, no opulent pulpit, and no overly opulent stained-glass windows adorn Gothic rose window. Everything is so ordinary and simple, but a simple and honest heart is hidden in a majestic appearance.

4. Statue of archangel France|History, culture and introduction to Mont Saint-Michel here, it is recommended to collect

The highest cathedral of Mont Saint-Michel was built in 1446. The spire of church bell tower pierces sky, reaching a height of 157 meters. The golden statue on top of church is Saint Michael Archangel. It has been manifesting since 800 AD. until 1897, when he "settled" on highest point of mountain. Archangel Saint-Michel holds a sharp sword and spreads his wings to fly, protecting lands of Normandy. In "Bible" story, he is god who guards entrance to paradise, is extremely brave and defeated devil Satan. The archangel can also lead people to heaven, protect them from temptations of evil spirits, measure human souls, distinguish between good and evil.

5. The tide of protection of fortress France|History, culture and introduction to Mont Saint-Michel here, it is recommended to collect

The Bay of Saint-Malo, where Mont Saint-Michel is located, is famous for its high tides. Every evening, tide of Atlantic Ocean will rush at lightning speed, in an instant plunging quicksand and crashing Mont Saint-Michel with stormy waves. Some believers who tried to climb mountain by crossing sea were swept away by raging sea. The great writer Hugo once described it this way: “If you fall into quicksand, you will certainly fall asleep excitingly. Years of war between Britain and France, 119 French knights took refuge in monastery, leaning against walls and gun turrets to resist British army for 24 years. Because every time you just last half a day, tidal flats leading to land will be swamped by tide like thunder, winning a precious half day of rest for Patriots. During protracted war, island was only military stronghold in region to survive fall.

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