6 must-see places in Paris


There are romantic places everywhere in Paris, and area around Paris is a treasure trove full of wealth. Most people's first choice will be Versailles, in fact, castles in Fontainebleau and Loire Valley are as amazing as Mont Saint-Michel, and a city beloved by artists, wine lovers will love to head to Champagne region, and children's favorite is Disneyland.

Fontainebleau Palace

Compared to Paris, Fontainebleau is visited by only 300,000 tourists a year, which is a quiet and leisurely place. Fontainebleau is located 55 km southeast of center of Paris. It is largest city in Île-de-France and also only city in area that is larger than Paris, translated name comes from Zhu Ziqing's prose collection European Journeys.

6 must-see places in Paris

The Palace of Fontainebleau consists of ancient castles, palaces, courtyards and gardens. The Royal Hunting Forest of Fontainebleau is a favorite weekend getaway for Parisians. Fontainebleau was one of most important art centers in Renaissance Europe.

Napoleon, who had a deep relationship with Palace of Fontainebleau, was very fond of this castle, and it was his favorite bedroom. Fontainebleau is a microcosm of French history. Someone said: "If you want to read a boring French history book, you'd better go to Fontainebleau."

Castles of Loire Valley

With a total length of 1012 kilometers, Loire River is largest river in France and most beautiful river. Especially in middle reaches of river valley, it has reputation of a "French Garden". The landscape is beautiful, and Loire Valley, dotted with ancient castles, turns into a campsite for local French in summer. Wheat stacks, sunflowers and vineyards are refreshing along way.

6 must-see places in Paris

Mont Saint-Michel

On seashore between Normandy and Brittany in northern France, a religious resort rises. This is Mont Saint Michel. Looking from afar, outlines of pyramidal Mont Saint-Michel loom in endless sea of ​​mist like a mirage, hazy and dreamy. It was included in UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979. Mont Saint-Michel is known as "Wonder of West" and is unparalleled in world.

City of Giverny

This extremely beautiful city is famous for its former garden residence of Impressionist painter Monet. The highlight of former residence is its painstakingly manicured garden. In addition to iconic water lilies and famous Japanese Bridge, there are also various flowers that bloom at different times of year. Monet's paints can be found here.

The city of Giverny is small. A long narrow road, several art galleries, restaurants and a hotel, that's all.

The inhabitants of a small town are very fond of sunflowers, their wooden doors are always decorated with a large withered sunflower, there is no feeling of dilapidation and decline.

House of Champagne

Reims, northeast of Paris, has a long history and has been coronation city of French kings since 496. The Cathedral of Notre Dame de Reims plays an important role in history of France, and its importance is no less than that of Notre Dame de Paris.

Reims, capital of Champagne region, is northernmost vineyard region in France with an average annual temperature of around 10 degrees. Due to low temperature, grapes ripen slowly, which makes them best raw material for making champagne.

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris, located 32 km east of Paris, was built in 1992. Upon opening, it is fourth Disneyland in world and largest cultural and entertainment resort in Europe. Disneyland Paris is basically divided into two parks, one is a traditional Disney park and other is a Walt Disney studio.

Whether it's design of a castle, carvings of streets or buildings, or even shape of a grove and flower garden, Disneyland Paris is distinguished by its refined and elegant design.

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