An in-depth tour of France, purest and most charming French style, all in this "Valley of Kings".


I remember there was a saying that if you want to fully appreciate French style, you only need to visit two places: one in Paris and other in Loire Valley. If Paris epitomizes romantic, avant-garde and diverse side of France, then Loire Valley, known as “Back Garden of France”, represents the purest French style: elegant, noble, quiet and unhurried;

Château de Blois, France

If Paris is just a point, then Loire Valley is a combination of lines and planes, Loire River is a line, and cities, castles and vineyards along way are planes.” most dazzling star is castle. More than 500 large and small magnificent castles are not only inlaid with pearls on banks of longest "mother river" in France, but are highlight and essence of an in-depth tour of France. Where;

Angebourg, France

Looking at castles of European countries, they all look different, French, German, Italian ... there are many of them, from defensive fortresses to palaces and estates; most of them were built in Middle Ages. The Loire Valley during Renaissance is associated with elegant and luxurious palace castles; at that time, many kings and nobles aspired to build elegant and magnificent castles on banks of Loire River, which gave place an imperial "Valley of Kings" atmosphere. " and "Valley of Castles" are thickest and most dense shadows of castles.

Closburg, where da Vinci lived

The entire Loire Valley is listed as a World Cultural Heritage Site. Compared to many independent award-winning scenic spots, this heritage holds great significance due to its vast and rich connotations. As long as you have enough time, energy and enough love. If you are obsessed with it, you can search and visit one after other, because each castle is unique; of course, if time is limited, you can also briefly appreciate most essential part of it - most famous castles.

Court of Amboise, France

Self-driving is recommended as best way to visit castles. This method not only makes moving between castles more economical, convenient and efficient, but also does not tire you out from walking or traveling by boat. and cars. I have visited some castles in Loire Valley, and I will share with you ten most classic castles below, and enjoy purest and most charming French style and beauty of "French back garden" with you.

Part of Chinon Castle

Speaking of Loire castle tours, great city of Nantes in west and Orléans in east are two important starting points, as the opening of a piece of history, they have enough weight to start an intensive, luxurious and beautiful castle tour Journey ...

French castle of Chambord (Chambord)

Fortified area - Angers

There is a large castle in Angers, France, which is not only a defensive castle-fortress, but also displays what is impregnable; this castle is guarded by 17 high and dark towers and walls, it is really impregnable; The proud capital of Reborg is still, except for its strong appearance, a record that has never been broken. This is indeed a rarity in Europe, where wars of all sizes have never stopped in history. No wonder he has a reputation for being impregnable;

Echoing a bunch of big towers, there's a charming French-style garden, just like a winding path leading to secluded nooks and crannies...

View of Loire Valley and Angers from castle

Reminiscent of Coco Chanel - Chateau Saumur

Fort Saumur is one of most beautiful castles in France. Although it was raining and foggy when we arrived, Chateau Saumur appeared and disappeared, but still could not hide its beauty. From afar, gentle and charming Chateau Saumur, but close and majestic, very similar to a person. Fashion queen, with a small and exquisite appearance, with a strong heart. Speaking of her, people always think of Paris, but her homeland is small town of Saumur. , aka: coco chanel;

Due to her humble origins and emotionally unsatisfied past, goddess avoids talking about her hometown all her life, and Saumur also represents secret of Chanel's life experience...

One man guards gate, and ten thousand people cannot open it - Fort Chinon

Chinon in Loire Valley is a small town, but there is a large castle that looks like a fortress. It is located next to Loire and winds along top of mountain. Don't open a trend;< /p>

In Middle Ages, it was once a royal residence where King Henry II and Charles VII died. Although interior is dilapidated, it still looks majestic from other side of river...

Mountain road to Den Burg

Dream castle from Sleeping Beauty - Useburg

The more you travel to Tours, Blois and Orleans, more castles in Loire Valley do not decay, but more and more represent artistic solution that people like - both majestic and full of fabulous temperament;< /p>

Among them, Usse Castle, built on a high platform, is similar not only to a huge model of castle, but also to famous Sleeping Beauty Castle, because it is prototype of castle in Sleeping Beauty; The castle, once owned by a princess, exudes romantic and fairy tale atmosphere of "Castle of Dreams", attracting people who come here to relive tales they heard in their youth...

The most popular "women's castle" in Europe - Chenonceau

Chenonceau, one of most beautiful castles in France, has been in hands of many ladies, whether it is a mother-level mistress who is 20 years older than Henry II, or a "transvestite" Henry III, who wears mourning all year round The Queen is also dream mistress of philosopher Rousseau .Some of them have created beauty of Chenonceau, some have protected its safety, and some have achieved its legend; (See post published March 4 for details). articles)

Despite fact that women's love and hate are shown here, there are no direct battles, no swords against swords in court battles. Its story is like a beautiful and exquisite fort in front of you, which, after all, is synonymous with romance and charm .

The castle where massacre took place - Amboise Castle

Sleek and white, Chateau Amboise under blue sky is a bit scary when you think about it, as worst massacre in French history took place here. Amboise Above castle, representing scene of Protestant corpses suspended from facade of castle with iron hooks, there is an eerie foreboding.

Amboise and Paris are centers of two religious massacres that have been going on for many years. The cities of Toulouse, Bordeaux, Lyon, Rouen, Orleans, etc. suffered. Although number of victims is not very accurate, however, after research, historians agree that there are as many as 70,000, or even more than 100,000. This is famous "Amboise conspiracy "and" Bartholomew massacre "in French history. (See article I published on January 22 for details)

The place where geniuses lived - Clos Lusburg

Da Vinci, genius with highest IQ in human history, was not only a talented artist, but also an astronomer, inventor, medical scientist, and civil engineer... In last few years of his life, he was loved by connoisseurs of Renaissance art . King Francis I of France invited him to France and lived in this small castle, a gift from king. He was accompanied by most beloved "Mona Lisa" of master;

Cloisbourg is a small castle, but many people still come here because of Da Vinci. This small castle is located just a few hundred meters from royal castle of Amboise, where King Francois I lived, and master finally died in coat of arms of king, who considered Da Vinci to be his father...

The symbol of power - castle of Blois

Speaking about royal castles of France, we must talk about imperious and majestic castle of Blois, because for 400 years as many as 7 French kings and 10 queens lived here;

Francis I, King of France, was a king who loved castles even more. As a hunting palace, it was in power for many years in magnificent castle of Blois. Before his death, he invited master da Vinci to design famous Chateau Chambord. His love for castles is visible in general.

The Prototype of Tintin's Adventures - Cheverny Castle

Among well-known castles on Loire River, there are several fairy tale-related ones, such as prototype of "Castle of Sleeping Beauty" in Sebourg and prototype of "The Adventures of Tintin" in Cheverny;

Viewed from all sides, Château Cheverny is extremely straightforward, body of castle is clean and immaculate, it is also full of praise, and it can be called most luxuriously decorated castle among castles in Loire Valley. World War II, da Vinci's Mona Lisa was hidden here to escape...

The culmination of tour of castle in Loire Valley - Chateau de Chambord (Chambord)

What does it feel like when 365 giant chimneys are stacked together? On 33-meter upper platform, complex and extraordinary beauty of Chateau Chambord is violently and dazzlingly revealed; wandering among these chimneys, no matter front, back, left, right, up, down, far or close, they are all so attractive and shocking;

For Château Chambord you have simplicity of bottom half and splendor of top half, simplicity of bottom half and complexity of top half form a strong visual contrast and they fit together perfectly. . The design is great and amazing. No wonder French consider it a national treasure. This is a masterpiece created by master Leonardo da Vinci...

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