The beauty is breathtaking, if you come to France I will never take you to Paris


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""Meet first Winter Olympics""

To accompany you for many years

The wooden hut is surrounded by blooming flowers, with snow-capped Alps looking up, a dark green endless forest under snow line, multi-colored paragliders soaring in sky and clear snowy water flowing from mountain. city sends a cool breath.

People on street are dressed in all kinds of sportswear, mostly climbing suits, bright sun is filled with vitality, which delights every visitor.

This is a small town of Chamonix, located at foot of north side of Mont Blanc (4807 m above sea level), highest peak in continental Europe. Despite small size of place, Chamonix is ​​famous for being site of first Winter Olympics in 1924. Known as center of mountaineering in world, it is not only highest challenge for climbers, but also a favorite of skiers. .

The reason why it has such a recognized status lies in history of Chamonix.

In 1786, hunter Jacques Balma and physician Michel Pacal successfully climbed to top of Mont Blanc, a fashionable mountaineering destination.

You can learn about this period of history at Mining Museum in Chamonix. In cafe at top of Aiguille du Midi, paintings on wall also depict a scene from that time: a group of people dressed in 19th-century clothes, top hats and ropes on their backs, climbed ordinary stairs to other side. from deep valley of iceberg.

This method of mountaineering is tantamount to death, but it unlocks spirit of exploration in mountaineering and other adventure sports. Because in ancient times, mountains were places with evil and magical power, and only some workers or smugglers who make a living hunting suede hides, mining crystals, dare to go into deep mountains, risking being cursed.

In mountain museum, there are no other descriptions than French, but you can still see living conditions of climbers of that time: small wooden houses, ultra-short and ultra-small beds, nothing long, except for some climbs. This lady actually wears a long skirt, which reaches her feet, and skis on a snowboard!

In modern Chamonix, streets are full of shops selling all kinds of mountaineering and sports clothing and equipment, from high to low, catering to needs of all kinds of people. With a permanent population of only 10,000, this place far outnumbers locals for winter skiing, "the best mountain tourism in Europe all year round" is worthy of its name.

It goes without saying that in winter, even in summer, Chamonix also has many exciting sports such as gliding, cycling, hiking, rock climbing, golf and so on.

George is a mountain guide for Chamonix Mountain Guide House, founded in 1821.

Becoming a mountain guide is not easy. Firstly, you need to have at least 5 years of mountaineering experience in summer and winter, and then enter only mountaineering school in France, owned by Chamonix. four or five years to get a primary certificate, then do an internship, and then pass post-internship exam to get a mountain guide certificate. Obtaining a certificate does not mean that everything will be fine, every year you have to re-train, which is equivalent to annual vehicle inspection.

As a mountain guide, they must be at least proficient in rock climbing, hiking, ice climbing, skiing, snow walking, and other sports.

George's mountain guide company employs over 150 people and runs from mid-June to end of September each year. Chamonix attracts too many climbers every summer and demand for mountain guides is high.

The rest of year, George works as a ski instructor in winter, and rest of time he travels world. There are also several mountain guides who can work as waiters in restaurants.

Climb cable car to reach Aiguille du Midi, at 3842 meters above sea level, best place to watch Mont Blanc and practice winter sports.

At 7 o'clock in morning sky is still not quite clear, cable car station is already filled with climbers, everyone is dressed in professional climbing clothes, they carry skates, climbing ropes and huge climbing bags, an organized image of waiting for cable car.

Although more professional climbers are already climbing mountain earlier, tourists will arrive later.

Climbers under guidance of mountain guides carefully and tediously prepare for a snowshoe hike. The tourists standing next to them looked at them with curiosity that did not move them at all.

Opening exit door, walking down aisle before official departure, and finally standing on top of mountain, his bright climbing suit stands out against snow.

A long, clear field of snow is waiting for him to pass under his feet. What he stands in front of is endless blue sky and majestic snowy mountains. This moment freezes in hearts of all those around him. The person next to me said, "Great..." several times in a row

At this moment, you can understand that beauty of mountains is different for everyone. For climbers, this is best way to understand beauty of mountains.