Greatest Memory Time ~ Compilation


Written on front: As an international team leader and bilingual tour guide in a foreign language, I have traveled to less than 70 countries. for over 20 years, and never stopped exploring world. However, epidemic completely trapped me for three years. But what was trapped was my body and my soul still wouldn't stop moving forward. Until dawn, I would like to use this theme to remember past and sincerely hope for a brighter future! The book returns to main plot, and next most beautiful light and shadow in my heart:

For us, in 2013, laser fireworks show at Disneyland in Orlando was a real shock and is still fresh in our memory.

Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, Europe's highest peak, climbs 3,842-meter Aiguille du Midi (owned by France) by cable car, capturing blazing sun above Swiss flag. (Others such as Mönch, Pilatus, Titlis, Jungfrau, Schilthorn, Matterhorn, Rigi will be published later)

The Kinderdijk windmills in Netherlands are known all over world. With snapseed, photos are very textured.

The grotesque buildings of Rotterdam are impressive and glass-walled vegetable market relies on natural light and design concept is so advanced.

The Maldives in Indian Ocean has most beautiful seascape, a storm is approaching, and light and shadow on sea are breathtakingly beautiful...

After storm, night is so beautiful.

The most convenient thing about staying in a house on water is snorkeling, and every day indulge in study of underwater world.

The elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka is very famous. In my opinion, this photo of a family of elephants taking a bath is compressed. The bright back of an elephant looks very comfortable.

Yunnan is one of my favorite places in China, and balloons and hot springs in Tengchun are most memorable scenes of light and shadow.

This gold-encrusted cloud photograph was taken by me while cruising on Danube River. This trip is very comfortable and recommended by five stars.

In Salzburg sun shines on small cocktail bubbles, in Spitz sun shines on green grapes, reflecting various halos, majestic and tender, tender and beautiful.

Tangzhe Temple in Beijing, sun shines on a beautiful little fox that is not at all afraid of people, and its leisurely appearance attracts a large number of spectators.

During Qingming Festival, when I approached foot of Huangshan Mountain, rain stopped from time to time, and sun shone through clouds and struck horse's head against wall...

White day in sky makes Colosseum even more sad and sentimental.

Spanish architect Gaudi is a master of light and shadow, his buildings always shine so brightly in the sun.

After watching The Lord of Rings, you should go to Huo Village to see: Matamata Hobbit Village in New Zealand, everything is quiet and peaceful.

Australia Day, when Sydney Opera House became center of large-scale light fireworks and concert celebrations, there is a lot of joy everywhere.

After all, life doesn't just consist of traveling, most of time you have to live down to earth. For example, colorful night on Chang'an Street⬆️.

Sunset on way home.

I hope everyone can live in moment, have a pair of eyes that reveal beauty, and always remind themselves to walk towards sun.