Choose only 1 year! How beautiful is favorite city of French?


The French love villages and towns scattered in nature, so they always try their best to dig up their beauties and show them to everyone. Today we will make a "cloudy" tour of city that French love most!

"Le village préféré des Français" (the favorite city of French) could be called "Miss France in small towns".

It was founded in 2012 based on a list of The most beautiful cities in France (Les plus beaux villages de France), from which candidate cities in each region were selected.

Click on picture for a list of most beautiful cities in France

After that, public voted by phone and via Internet, and "French Favorite City" received most votes.

Candidate cities for 2020

This activity can promote tourism and local development in selected city and at same time allow city to have more funds to protect local heritage.

After selecting cities in 2020, there are now 9 "favorite French cities"——



Saint-Cirq-Lapopie is located in Lot department in the Occitania region of France.

Stone houses and red-brown roofs

It's very bright under blue sky.

Geographic location above cliff

There is a sense of independence from the world.

The village was founded during Roman Empire. As soon as you enter here, you can feel strong atmosphere of history, as if time has slowed down here.

Of course, handicraft shops and art galleries along streets will make you feel local vitality.

The famous French poet Andre Breton (André Breton) once settled here in search of his dream of "stone and light".



Eguisheim is located in the Alsace region in northeastern France.

When you enter here, you will enter a fairy tale world.

From a bird's eye view, structure of city is in form of concentric circles: with castle and chapel in city center as center, they diverge in a circle.

Though stone-paved streets are narrow, they are intertwined with quiet space.

On both sides of street there are houses made of reinforced wood with characteristics of area——

The house is colorful,

With flowers in front of the house and behind it,

You can't help but get closer

Pay attention to details such as door frames and windows.

It is also considered birthplace of Alsace wines. It is said that in fourth century AD, Romans planted grapes and made wine here. So far, there are vineyards around Aegisan.


Heavenly Strings

The name Cordes-sur-Ciel at first glance looks a bit like a fantasy novel, and setting itself resembles a mystery in a fantasy novel.

It is located on a hill in mountains of southwestern France, isolated from world and once prosperous thanks to development of trade.

During 14th century, Black Death led to a sharp decline in population and stagnation in development, but Gothic architecture is completely preserved here, which makes this landscape unique in Europe.

Eglise Saint-Michel is worth a visit. Its exterior is in Gothic style of south of France, and inside there are many renaissance frescoes, very exquisite.

In addition, there are many new elements here, such as Garden of Eden with exotic flavors and Museum of Sweet Sugar and Chocolate.



Ploumanac'h is located in Brittany, a tourist region in west of France (click on blue font to understand).

Unique Pink Gem

Accompanied by blue water

Full of Impressionist romance

He makes people fall in love at first sight.

There are more surprises waiting for you on hiking trails.

This is largest habitat for seabirds on French mainland. Seagulls, cormorants, gray seals... carry charm of wild.

Ancient fishing ports, lighthouses and churches are traces of human civilization:

Pray in front of church

Enjoy good food near fishing port,

Sit on lighthouse and look at small islands in distance,

Isn't that very convenient?


Rochefort is here

Rochefort-en-Terre is also a small town in Brittany. However, it is on other side of Brittany peninsula, opposite Ploumanac.

Located on a plateau in Morbihan department, it was once a fortress and still retains a large amount of medieval heritage.

The stone buildings and blue-gray roofs have a gothic feel, but always look dull and monotonous, so inhabitants like to decorate the city with flowers to give it more color.

This is also a meeting place for craftsmen. Craftsmen carefully create art here, making Rochefort-en-Terre more interesting with various works of art.



In 2017, Alsace again became favorite city of French. This time Kaysersberg took crown!

Like Aegisan, it is located on Alsace wine road (click on blue font to understand), surrounded by vineyards. Don't miss local Pinot Gris.

The city is also filled with colorful wooden houses and blooming flowers.

The difference is that a small river flows through city, adding vitality.

Ancient ruins are scattered throughout the city.

The Church of Holy Cross was built in 1230. The exterior is Roman and Gothic, while interior features exquisite floral windows and sculptures.

In center of a small square in front of church, there is an ancient fountain depicting Roman Emperor Constantine holding a cross.

At top of Kaisberg is oldest round fortress of Alsace, which still exudes grandeur of year in a dilapidated state.



Kassel is located in Upper France region, not far from famous Dunkirk. The northern part of city was destroyed during World War II and rebuilt.

There is a distinctive Flemish style here, and big red-brick houses and strange roofs are full of Nordic enthusiasm.

The mill of Kassel with its red wooden windmill is symbol of this place.

At different times, local residents produced flour, leather, and oil at mill. It can be said that mill witnessed historical changes of Kassel.

In addition, city has many historical monuments, such as 17th century Jesuit church, 18th century college and Flanders Museum.

If you want to feel charm of Kassel, you can also climb nearby hills and admire "ocean" of red roofs.



Saint-Vaast-la-Huge is a port city in Normandy.

Here is beauty of Atlantic Ocean, and people's lives are calm and comfortable.

Fishermen return from fishing and bring fresh seafood. Among them, oysters in season make countless people desire them.

There is also Vauban Tower, a World Heritage Site (Tour Vauban).

The Vauban Tower is a military observation tower with various functions, built by famous French military engineer Vauban, in 2008 it was included in UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.

L'église de Saint-Vaast is special.

It was built in 1851, but, contrary to trends of that time, it adopted Gothic style of Middle Ages. In addition, church does not have a bell tower, which can be said to be an alternative.



The last place we're going to go on our cloud tour is recently released 2020 Favorite French City - Hunspach!

He comes from Alsace region, near German-French border. Historically, it has often been ruled by France and Germany in turn, and has an obvious mixed culture.

Local buildings are also mostly timber frame houses, but in order to save money, local authorities did not paint timber frame houses, but left them in a light white color. It is unique among many cities in Alsace.

The house is decorated with cave glass windows of Baroque era. Because of this, people outside window cannot see situation inside house, but only see surrounding street reflected in window, which is very interesting.

The famous Maginot Line passes near city. Because Germany avoided Maginot Line during World War II, city was not affected and retained its fortunes a hundred years ago.

After reading 9 "favorite French cities", which one do you like most?

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