Old money recommendation: Brittany|Visit "secret garden" of France to find magical scenery


There is a place, even if you have never heard of it, but having been there, you will fall deeply in love with it.

Brittany, France is just such a place, mysterious and magical, one of most legendary places on entire European continent.

A world surrounded by magic, with Rose Coast on left and holy ground of ancient city on right. How many people have come to Brittany across ocean just to enjoy a short time together in magic.

Magic Forest

If you are familiar with European mythology, you should know legendary Broker Forest (BROCÉLIANDE).

It is actually located southwest of Rennes, capital of Brittany.

This mysterious forest occupies almost entire center of Brittany peninsula, attracting countless tourists like a magical attraction.

It is said that King Arthur once sent his Knights of Round Table to this place to find hidden Holy Grail, and even great wizard Merlin marked forest as his territory.

Walking along paths in forest, you remember all stories about magic. Walking slowly through this magical forest, you will find that this adventure is absolutely beautiful and exciting.

In addition, people who hike through forest intentionally lower their voices and walk lightly for fear of disturbing wizards in forest.

Those tourists who look back from time to time are probably looking for a corner of a black robe in a corner of forest!

Rose Coast

Compared to fashion and excitement of Paris, France, and romantic atmosphere of Provence, Brittany is mysterious and rugged, even coastal scenery is same.

If you want to come to Brittany to find a healing landscape, I advise you to cancel as soon as possible.

Because scenery here is angular, protected by magic, like unmanageable.

The pink coastline between Brest and Rhine from a distance looks like rose petals scattered over rocks, laying out a strange pink landscape.

Coming closer, I discovered that rock itself is pink, with a slight reflection in sun, forming a special style on coast.

The ancient city of Saint-Malo

Watch ebb and flow of tides on coast of ancient city.

Here you can hear many rumors about ancient city. The most chilling story of Count Bluebeard.

He always cut his wife's throat on a moonlit night to destroy prophecy that his son would kill him.

In addition to legend and coast as one of most beautiful cities on East Atlantic coast, scenery in the ancient city is also beautiful.

Although ancient city was destroyed during war, reconstructed ancient city lost its original sense of history, but this did not affect perception of medieval cityscape.

Saint Malo was once known as "Stone Crown on Waves". The stone houses in city are made in different styles, classical and romantic.

The barriers erected by ancient city walls seem to bring people back to years when they were captured by pirates.

Food can't match

If you've seen enough of scenery and want to take a trip on tip of your tongue, now is perfect time!

September to December is a gourmet paradise in Brittany and best time to eat oysters.

Perhaps you will ask that you traveled thousands of miles to Brittany just to taste oysters? You may not believe it, but some gourmets actually do this.

You know, oysters in Brittany are number one in world along with oysters in Tasmania, Australia! They are a favorite of best gourmets!

In addition to oysters, in Brittany you can also try special salted butter, plum cake, pancakes...

And a glass of cider! Under blue sea and blue sky, try different delicacies!

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