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Climbing to top of Eiffel Tower with a view of all of Paris

You can take elevator or take stairs to tower to see all of Paris. It is recommended to climb tower in evening to enjoy twilight and night view of Paris at same time. Or just lie on a large lawn behind iron tower, and iron tower is in front of you. Every hour in evening, iron tower will flash for about 10 minutes. Words such as romance and brilliance cannot describe the beautiful scenery ahead of you.

France Raiders - France TOP 10

Visit Louvre, one of three largest museums in world

The Louvre (Musée du Louvre) is one of three largest museums in world. It was built at end of 12th century. Here you can see exhibits spanning thousands of years such as Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Islamic Civilizations. Palace of Three Treasures": Mona Lisa, Venus with a broken arm and Goddess of Victory.

The transparent pyramid in square is main entrance, designed by Chinese architect I. M. Pei. It is also a unique experience to walk through crowds at Denon Pavilion and see Mona Lisa from afar. The Chinese official website of Louvre lists 5 thematic itineraries that can be planned in advance.

France Raiders - France TOP 10

Chamonix: Mont Blanc cable car and ice train

Against background of snow-white Mont Blanc, it is difficult to imagine Chamonix, whose relief is very similar to Himalayas. The most recommended attraction here is white attraction: South Peak (Aiguille du Midi). You can take "Southern cable car" to top, standing on 3842-meter glacier, you can enjoy a 360-degree view of all Alps in France, Switzerland and Italy.

Every year from June to October, it is recommended to take Mont Blanc panoramic cable car, where you can see glacial cliffs and ice towers. In addition, there is a rack railway built in 1908.

Or take red mountain train at Montanfort station in Chamonix, you can enter largest ice cave in France, as well as visit Crystal Museum (Galerie des Cristaux) and Glaciorium (Glaciorium).

France Raiders - France TOP 10

Travel to gourmet capital for authentic Lyon local food

Americans always talk about Detroit when they talk about cars, and French always talk about Lyon when they talk about food. Lyon is a famous "city of gastronomy" in France, and "Bouchon" in French refers to local restaurants in Lyon. In addition to must-see Lyon gourmet market (Les Halles de Loyn), you should also check out authentic local restaurants.

When you enter an authentic Lyonnais certified restaurant, don't forget to first order a communard aperitif, paired with classics such as Lyon salad, quenelles, Brussels tripe (tabler de sapeur) and blood. sausage with apples (boudin noir aux pommes), etc. After heavy foods, there will be an authentic dessert such as apple pie and fruity white cheese.

France Raiders - France TOP 10

Visit a vineyard in south of France

Avignon is wine capital of southern France, where you can bring not only limited-origin AOC wines. A full day tour of winery is also available. The full day tour of winery is packed with content, including visits to 4 wineries near Avignon and wine tasting in professional cellars. Afterwards, stop at a vineyard and tour leader will explain how to manage estate and winemaking process.

Even if you are new to wine, wine experts will teach you 6 steps of wine tasting. At noon, you can also follow locals to Provence Restaurant for authentic Southern French cuisine.

France Raiders - France TOP 10

Valensole: place where lavender blooms most brightly

Valensole has largest lavender fields in Provence. Many residents of small town belong to lavender families and earn their living by growing lavender and extracting essential oils. Every year on third Sunday of July, a grand lavender festival takes place, in addition to a lively market, inhabitants of city will also wear traditional costumes and parades with agricultural tools.

Here you can buy lavender essential oil obtained in most natural and simple way, as well as various lavender trifles: for example, lavender-scented tea, lavender honey, lavender pads, etc. In addition to lavender souvenirs, it is also recommended to try lavender-flavored ice cream. In addition, in July, market sells a unique Provencal pâté with jam, which has aroma of lavender and truffle, and the taste is excellent.

France Raiders - France TOP 10

Sunbath on pebbly beach of Nice

The beaches of Nice are famous for their blue sea water and pebbles. There is no traditional fine sand, but intoxicating blue is still first choice of French holidaymakers. There are many public and private beaches along Angel Bay, foreigners lying lazily in sun, flushed. Bold beauties and handsome men bask in sun naked, and sun, yachts and sea water meet all elements of holiday.

Public beaches can open free of charge, private beaches usually have an artificial layer of fine sand, charge 15–20 euros, and provide lounge chairs, towels and other services. All public beaches have free showers and beach volleyball courts. It is better to take sandals here, because walking barefoot on rocky beach will be painful, and if you want to sit down, you can take a thick towel or rent a rug by water.

France Raiders - France TOP 10

Last real French cooking class

In Paris, in addition to tasting street food and Michelin-starred cuisine, you can also learn a dessert or a classic main course in just 2-4 hours. The culinary school La Cuisine Paris is located near Notre Dame Cathedral and offers a variety of cooking classes in English. Daily courses are listed on official website and can be booked for free.

If you like desserts, you can enroll in courses like macaroons, French pies, croissants and traditional French breakfast; there are also professional French cooking courses where you will learn how to cook real French dishes. In addition to signing up for cooking classes, there are also grocery stores in Marais where you can challenge yourself. A cooking teacher will take you to local market itself to teach you how to choose cheese and pair it with red wine.

France Raiders - France TOP 10

Disneyland Paris: Europe's largest park

Disneyland Paris, located 32 km east of Paris, is fourth Disneyland in world and largest in Europe. It is bigger than Hong Kong Disneyland. When you see iconic dream princess castle, world of fairy tales begins. !

It is divided into two parks: Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park.

Disney Park has 5 themed zones, we recommend checking schedule in advance to see beautiful parade of floats and fireworks show. In studio, you can go to studio, location, and animation studio to watch film being shot up close. In addition, there are more exciting attractions here, among which the jump machine is a must-have item that cannot be missed.

France Raiders - France TOP 10

Chambord: King of castles of Loire Valley

Chateau de Chambord is most prestigious of all castles of Loire and one of architectural examples of French Renaissance. It is often liked to be called, and women's castle of Chenonceau is a French castle. One king and one queen. This magnificent castle was built by François I in 1519. The castle's over 300 chimneys are like a shining crown crown.

The most famous in castle is double spiral staircase designed by Leonardo da Vinci, which can be called a masterpiece in history of architecture. Two people standing on a flight of stairs can see each other through doors and windows of inner core, but never meet. The goal is to avoid embarrassment of meeting Queen François and his lovers while going up and down stairs. It's a very fairy tale castle!