Top Ten Tourist Attractions in France


1. Louvre

Located on north bank of River Seine in center of Paris, France, it ranks first among four largest museums in world. Founded in 1204, it was originally royal palace of France, where 50 French kings and queens lived, is one of most valuable buildings of French classic period and is famous for its rich collection of classical paintings and sculptures.

The Louvre has become a world-famous palace of arts, one of largest art treasures and palace of all treasures that have attracted attention of whole world. It is divided into six parts: Museum of Greco-Roman Art, Museum of Egyptian Art, Museum of Oriental Art, Painting Hall, Sculpture Hall and Decorative Arts Hall.

Top Ten Tourist Attractions in France


Second, Eiffel Tower

It stands on Champ de Mars in Paris, France, next to River Seine, with an original height of 312 meters and a current height of 330 meters. It was built in 1889 to celebrate 100th anniversary of French Revolution, a world famous building, one of symbols of French culture and one of sights of Paris, French call it "Iron Lady".

The Iron Tower has five zones: square, ground floor, second floor, top floor and garden, and welcomes 7 million tourists every year.

Top Ten Tourist Attractions in France

Eiffel Tower

3. Palace of Versailles

Located in city of Versailles, capital of province of Evelyn, on southwestern outskirts of Paris, France, this is one of most famous palaces in Paris and one of five largest palaces in world. It is a brilliant gem in treasure trove of human art.

The Palace of Versailles is grand and splendid, and its interior decoration and furnishings are full of artistic charm. More than 500 halls and halls are lush and luxurious. The interior decoration is mainly sculptures, huge oil paintings and tapestries, as well as furniture of excellent forms and exquisite craftsmanship from 17th and 18th centuries. The palace also exhibits precious works of art from all over world, including ancient Chinese porcelain that has traveled far and wide. The Gallery of Mirrors, built jointly by great royal painter and decorator Leblanc and great architect Munchal, is main attraction of Palace of Versailles.

Top Ten Tourist Attractions in France


Fourthly, Arc de Triomphe

Located on Champs-Élysées in center of Paris, capital of French Republic, in center of Place de la Star Charles de Gaulle in Paris, this is a memorial built by Emperor Napoleon of First French Empire. in honor of victory at battle of Austerlitz. It is one of national symbols of France, one of four representative buildings of France and an iconic monument in Paris.

The Arc de Triomphe has a height of 49.54 m, a width of 44.82 m and a thickness of 22.21 m. The central arch has a height of 36.6 m and a width of 14.6 m. reliefs on a military theme: "Expedition", "Victory". , "World" and "Resistance"; some of sculptures are five or six meters high. There are doors on all sides of Arc de Triomphe. The names of 386 generals and 96 victories that followed Napoleon's expedition are engraved on doors. The history of French wars from 1792 to 1815 is engraved on doors. All 12 avenues in center of Paris are centered around Arc de Triomphe, which radiates a majestic impulse to surroundings, which is design model of European big cities.

Top Ten Tourist Attractions in France

Arc de Triomphe

5. Notre Dame

Located in center of Paris, capital of French Republic, on Island of City in middle of River Seine, this is cathedral church of Catholic parish archdiocese of Christian branch, one of oldest and most symbolic monuments of French capital and most famous in Europe One of Gothic cathedrals, one of most representative cultural relics and world heritage sites in France, an iconic building of French and European literature and culture.

This is first completely Gothic church in world. The sculpture and painting of building itself and large number of artistic treasures in church are of extremely high historical and cultural value and have a world-famous reputation at home and abroad. The symbol of Paris, holy land of Christianity, dominant religion in world.

Top Ten Tourist Attractions in France

Notre Dame Cathedral

Six, Seine

This is a major river in northern France, with a total length of 776.6 km and a total basin area of ​​78,700 square kilometers, including its tributaries; Part.

Paris gradually developed on city island of Seine and its banks. Stone piers and wide embankments stretch along Seine for more than ten kilometers in Paris, more than 30 exquisite bridges are thrown across the river.

Top Ten Tourist Attractions in France


7. Basilica of Sacred Heart of Paris

Located on Montmartre hill in Paris. The architectural style of church is unique, both Romanesque and Byzantine. Inside, bell tower is square in shape and there is a large bell called Savoy Bell, which weighs 19 tons and is one of world famous large bells.

There are many bas-reliefs, frescoes and mosaics in church. The most attractive place here is Place Montmartre, most artistic place in Paris. Looking from hill on which Church of Sacred Heart is located to center of Paris, a panorama of thousand-year history of Paris opens up.

Top Ten Tourist Attractions in France

Basilica of Sacred Heart

8. Georges Pompidou National Center for Arts and Culture

This is a modern art museum located on north side of Latin Quarter in Paris, capital of France, on right bank of Seine River, on Rue Beaubourg. The locals often call it "Beaubur". . Since appearance of this modern building is very similar to a factory, it is also called "oil refinery" and "cultural factory".

The entire building is divided into four sections: Industrial Design Center, Public Information Library, Museum of Contemporary Art, and Center for Music and Vocal Research. If Louvre represents ancient civilization of France, then Pompidou Center is a symbol of modern Paris.

Top Ten Tourist Attractions in France

Georges Pompidou National Center for Arts and Culture

Nine, Mont Saint-Michel

This is a famous French monument and a place of Catholic pilgrimage, located on a small island in English Channel, two kilometers from coast. This is third holy place of Catholicism after Jerusalem and Vatican, with a rich history and beautiful natural scenery, included in UNESCO World Heritage List.

Mont Saint-Michel is a medieval architectural complex consisting of rocks, houses, walls, castles and monasteries, combining ingenuity of nature with wisdom and perseverance of man.

Top Ten Tourist Attractions in France

Mont Saint-Michel

10. Musée d'Orsay

This is a national museum located on left bank of Seine, across river from Louvre and Tuileries Garden.

It was rebuilt from abandoned Orsay railway station for many years, completed and opened at end of 1986. The museum mainly displays a remarkable collection of Western art created between 1848 and 1914, including paintings, sculptures, jewelry, photographs, and architectural drawings, showing a combination of realism, impressionism, symbolism, separatism, and pictorialism. era of masters of such genres as photoism.

Top Ten Tourist Attractions in France

Orsay Museum