20 interesting tourist destinations in France


[Compiled and published by European Times reporter Maisie] Club France Loisir has published book "101 Tourist Attractions in France", which are divided into west, southwest, north, central, east, southeast and Île-de-France. The chapters list places worth visiting. Halloween is coming up, and author has selected 20 interesting attractions for readers to spend a special holiday with family and friends.

NO.1 Monk Island Brittany (Ile-aux-Moines)

The "Isle of Monks" is located on "Sept-Iles" in Gulf of Morbihan (le golfe du Morbihan). In past, Anandore Le Blaise, a writer on indigenous civilization in Brittany, likened seven islands, battered by wind and waves, to "a group of whales appearing on horizon."

In 14th century AD, Franciscan friars lived here to escape hustle and bustle and enjoy leisurely feeling of birdsong and flowers. They lived in seclusion on largest isolated island, hence name "Island of Friars". .

During French Revolution, it became a refuge for persecuted Breton nobility. After 1912, to protect large number of seabirds found on "Seven Islands", tourists were only allowed to land on most populous Monk Island, but they may still overlook a few other scenic spots.

The "Isle of Monks" has winding paths leading to secluded places, and in highlands is largest round stone wall (le cromlech) in France, which is a picturesque place for tourists. The sailing festival (le Festival de la voile) is held here every year and whole island is in full swing.

Contact information: Office du Tourisme de l'Ile des Moines

Contact address: le Port, rue Bénony-Praud, 56780 l'Ile des Moines;

Tel: 02 97 26 32 45;

NO.2 Ancient Gallic village and modern space center (Le Village gaulois et le Cosmopolisaux-moines)

The birthplace of France is Gaul. In first century BC, territory also included present-day Belgium, Switzerland and left bank of Rhine, mostly forest swamps, which were subsequently conquered by Roman emperor Caesar. Most of ruins of Gaul are distributed in Brittany, main part of France, and Plemer in northern coastal province

Le Village gaulois in Plemaire Bodou wasteland is one of places where nostalgic French people can come here to pay their respects to relics of their ancient ancestors.

The past and present complement each other, and now it has become a modern telecommunications center. The "Center for Space Telecommunications" (le Musée des télé Communications) was built in 1962, and "White Dome" interstellar planetarium (le Planétarium) are two research caves showing that Village of Gaul has jumped into new age. The 600 square meter screen in planetarium not only shows customsancient Gaulish villages, but also transports visitors to world of future, where visitors can sit on ground and roam sky. There are also "one-day tours" with rich and colorful content such as games, cruises, horseback riding, and exhibition visits to keep visitors entertained.

Contacts: www.pleumeur-bodou.com;

Center for Modern Space: 22560 Pleumeur-Bodou, Museum of Telecommunications, Tel: 02 96 46 63 80;

Planetarium phone: 02 96 15 80 30

Tourism department, tel.: 0296239147

NO.3 Forest of Broceliande (la Forêt de Broceliande)

From ancient times in Gaul until Middle Ages, great forest of Blosserionde covered center of Achmorican peninsula (la péninsule armourine). Since 11th century, it has been birthplace of legends about King Arthur (le Roi Arthur), Knights of Round Table (les chevaliers de la table ronde) and magician Mehran. King Arthur convened a meeting of Knights of Round Table, and Mehran's romance with nymph Vianna. Breton tales are still being filmed, attracting a wide audience, and they can be called treasures of French folk culture.

The forest of Blauseriende still tells passers-by thrilling Breton epic. The Pond Combe (l'Etang Comper) in forest was once inhabited by fairy Vianne, who raised Lancelot into magical waters of lake, who was later described as King Arthur's greatest and most trusted knight, which is why he is known as "Knight of Lake" ( Lancelot du lac), his son with a pure heart received a magical cup of holy water (le Graal). The story of Lancelot and Knights of Round Table appeared in many French novels and literary works.

It is said that "Valley of No Return" (le Val sans retour) among local rocks is a natural danger for witch Morgan, who will take revenge on world and imprison Knights of Round Table. And clean fountain of Barenton (la Fontaine de Brenton) can give people great inspiration.

Contact: Office du Tourisme de Broceliande: Mairie, 35380 Plélan-le-Grand

Tel: 02 99 06 86 07

NO.4 Brittany (Belle-.le-en-Mer)

Lovely Island is largest island in Brittany with 80 kilometers of coastline around island, rising above rough waves of Atlantic Ocean. Nevertheless, climate here is pleasant, green oaks, coconut trees, fig trees and acacias are in full bloom, and camellias, oleanders and acacias bloom like in a Mediterranean garden. No wonder tragic actress Sarah Behnar, best known for her role in La Traviata, is leaving Paris and making it her vacation destination. Caves are scattered on rocks in southern part of island, most remarkable of which is Apothecary Grotto (la Grotte des Apothicaires) with racks of cans. If you look from afar, you can see seething sea water rushing into cave, "Pharmaceutical Cave" looks like a floating "Noah's Ark". The local tourist office also organizes four hiking trails for tourists to join.for a one day tour.

Contacts: www.belle-ile.com, le Palais (Belle-.le): tel.: 02 97 31 80 01

Quiberon (continent) Tel: 02 97 50 06 90,

NO.5 Bideford Castle (Puy du Fou Castle)

Located in province of Vendée (la Vendée), Bideford Castle is an ancient medieval city-state. Do not misunderstand me that streets and lanes are decorated with decorations, these are just illusions, everything is real here, people really live and work in a medieval way: there are plenty of workshops, wood carvers, glassblowers, blacksmiths, everyone. work, hundreds of varieties of classic roses bloom in garden.

The nostalgic and acrobatic scale performances of Bidford City are known all over world. In 2014, it was named "Best Park in World" in Los Angeles. The peculiarity of performance organized by institution is that a large number of residents of city took part in it, about 800 actors came to show customs of Celts. Some dress up as troubadours and tell romantic stories from past to accompaniment of colorful musical fountains. Humor filled entire castle of city-state. Enter Gallo-Roman arena arranged like a Roman amphitheater with crowds Enjoy Ben-Hur galloping in a chariot or watch beautiful women defy lions and tigers. 90 eagles soar above Valley of Flowers (la Vallée fleurie), creating a falconry spectacle that is absolutely wonderful.

Contacts: Puy-du-Fou, 30 rue Georges-Clemenceau, BP25, 85590 Les Epesses, tel. 02 51 64 11 11

Tourism department, tel.: 02 41 49 80 0020

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