Snow Mountain in Chamonix, France is a fairyland.


Journey to snowy mountains of Chamonix-Mont-Blanc in middle of summer

It would be great to go to cool snow-capped mountains in summer to escape heat. I am too lazy. After going through a difficult internal struggle, I finally decided to overcome my laziness and write a travel story seriously, like a hardworking bee. .

Chamonix is ​​one of highest mountainous cities in France, on its territory there is highest peak in Europe, Mont Blanc (4810 m above sea level), so it is a famous ski resort in Europe. The first Winter Olympic Games were held in this city. The reason I chose this place is because host is studying in Italy and it is very close to Italy, it takes 3 hours by car, so I packed my luggage and went to snowy mountain town in a very pleasant way. ~

Day 1

Departure from Italy at 7:30 am, on way he drove through N extra-long tunnels for three hours and finally arrived at his destination. Yes, this is a lively French town under snow-capped peaks. mountains, Chamonix!

Since we arrived in Chamonix at noon, I decided to shop in town first, take cable car and visit secondary attractions. The territory of town is actually not that big, you can take a leisurely walk and finish tour in an hour. Small shops on side of road mainly sell tourist souvenirs and climbing gear.

I really like this furry mole. He's so cute with big teeth~ After a general tour of city, go to tourist information office to ask for a map and get ready for cable car.

I would like to emphasize that in small town of Chamonix there are different places where you can take cable car, and each point of cable car leads to a different place. Needle Peak Snow Mountain, but on opposite mountain. I'm sorry I forgot name of this mountain. Climb along tourist information center, go through church and you will see a sign.

Of course you need to buy a cable car ticket because owner plans to play here for two days, so a two day pass bought directly costs 70 euros per person, which means you can use any cable car. car within two days.

Climb cable car to top of mountain, which is located directly opposite snowy mountain, and enjoy beautiful observation deck of Mont Blanc mountain range.

Many tourists will rest on this platform, take a photo of opposite snowy mountain, and then continue to climb cable car to a higher mountain peak. The picture below shows how to continue up cable car to top of mountain~

The rope was slowly approaching top of mountain, and temperature was dropping due to high altitude, so I quickly took out a thick cotton coat from my backpack and put it on. Standing on top of mountain, you can see deep blue lake, tourists and cable cars going back and forth.

After admiring beautiful scenery on top of mountain, I saw that time was two in afternoon, so I was going to take funicular down mountain and continue visiting next super beautiful scenic spot. spot, Monteverde Ice Sea. To get to Monteverde Ice Sea you have to take little red train one of last two alpine cog trains left in France because you bought a two day pass when you just rode cable car so little train is also included so you no need to go further. Purchase tickets separately.

This is what little red train looks like. The railway snakes along mountainside, runs between pines and cypresses, and summer sun shines through foliage. It's very beautiful~

For about 20 minutes, gradually entering alpine environment, getting off bus, I stood on platform, and at my feet was world-famous ice-cold sea at an altitude of 1913 meters.

After taking some photos, you should take cable car up to ice cave. The ice cave is in valley below. In fact, cable car does not take you directly to ice cave entrance. The hollow is built on a mountain, steep. You can go down and not get too tired. When you get up again, your legs are so tired that your legs are weak. There are also foreigners who bring their pet dogs to see ice. cave, and beloved dog was too tired. Then they hugged their dogs and slowly climbed onto railing, hehe. Take a picture of steep boardwalk, you can feel it

Finally, at entrance to ice cave, ice and snow melted like summer, and snow water continued to drip down. Upon entering, it was like entering freezer compartment of a large refrigerator with colorful lights and shining ice sculptures. cave.

Actually, it only takes five minutes to see ice cave, because it is not easy to dig, and ice cave is not expected to be too large. After seeing ice cave, it's time to go down mountain in a small train and return to city. Arriving in city, I heard super live music all way, as if it were a ceremony to celebrate anniversary of victory in Great Patriotic War. I do not know French and do not quite understand what this event is.

Then I once again wandered around city, photographed unique souvenirs and returned to hotel to rest. The hotel was booked in advance through Booking. The three-star hotel includes breakfast. It is located in center of city. There is free parking. pastries. If you go too far with Italian desserts, you will get tired, but not with French ones, ha ha. The first day of trip to snowy mountain town was a happy one~~~~~~~~. Read more: