6 most beautiful small towns in world, they say that once you have been there, you will never forget it!


Perfect life

Maybe on a sunny day

Small town with flowers on branches and greenery on the ground

No schedule

Read, drink tea, chat, listen to music, walk


If possible

On corner

Just met another person

Not too soon, not too late, live rest of your life together


City of Alberobello

This is a city that jumped out of a fairy tale world. Some call it "Paradise City".

It's as pure as a world built in a fairy tale, with little houses with gabled roofs, undulating and scattered. Walking along quiet "Skypath" of city is like walking through a magical village.

Even if you've tasted sun, humanities, art, and street scenes around world, you can still poke your weakness here right away.


City of Colmar

This is prototype in Hayao Miyazaki's paintings, and it's a colorful fantasy world.

The architectural style of 16th century is still preserved, and multifaceted wooden roofs are different from each other.

The wooden houses give small town a strong Alsatian flair, and people aptly refer to it as mixed-race on German-French border.

The Tych River, a tributary of Il River, flows calmly through Colmar, and clear water washed away turbulent dust, so many say that there is a magical power here that can change mood. Very slowly and quietly.


City of Spero

When traveling in Italy, you often encounter sudden beauty expressed in unexpected ways, whether on plains or in hills, and Spello combines both.

Located in central part of Umbria, this is a small town that combines hard and soft features of stone and flowers.

Strolling among towering castles, narrow old streets and wide squares, this small town built on a hillside has all fantasies of a fairy tale world in a dream.

Unconsciously, turmoil of world is erased, giving way to serenity, calmness and melancholy, like the sounds of nature.


Giverny Town

The city of Giverny, located in Eure department in Upper Normandy region, is famous for garden of French artist Claude Monet and is one of most beloved cities in France.

Every part of city is like an impressionistic landscape, every corner is full of poetry, and every place has beautiful and touching stories.

Dazzling light trembles among sunflowers, lilies of valley, carnations, roses and hundreds of rare, unnamed flowers.

There is only one main road in city, walking along it, you will not miss a single surprise, every flower and grass seems to gently tell a long history and touching stories of city.


City of Bibury

Bibury is known as most beautiful village in England. Its unique architecture and natural elegance are epitome of England.

On one side is 14th century Arlington row house, and on other side is greenery symbolizing that vitality.

Even if you see it with your own eyes, it's still hard to believe truth in front of you.


Wuyuan Huangling

If you can't set foot in these small towns due to time and money, don't regret it, because flower towns with Chinese characteristics are also waiting for you in China.

April 10, 2017, Wuyuan Huangling launched Flower City tourism concept.

The Wall Street Selected Journal even said in its report:"Huangling Flower City has become one of China's most distinctive cities. Anhui Province's deep cultural heritage and flowery landscape rivals Europe's four flowers small city."

The landscape here is like a delicate and delicate watercolor painting, where surprises lurk at every step.

In fact, everyone would love to live in such a small town.

It doesn't necessarily face sea, but in spring it should be warm and flowers bloom. Early in morning, when you open window of hut, scent of flowers blows on your face. In evening, afterglow of setting sun splashed softly on corner of bedroom.

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