Journey to paradise of Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, jewel in the crown


In distant heights, piercing boundless sky,

Mont Blanc appears in snow, resting in silence.

It surrounds mysterious mountains, but only builds ice and stone.

A valley between wide rivers, frozen in impenetrable depths,

The blue color seems to be a reflection of sky,

Dispersed by the wind, accumulated in deep sleep.

—— Shelley "Mont Blanc"

Chamonis-Mont-Blanc - main peak of Alps, highest peak in Europe, at 4807 meters, located at junction of France, Italy and Switzerland, a ski resort in winter and a gathering place for mountain tourists in summer Chamonix is ​​one of tourist destinations that can be visited all year round.

The magnificent mountain scenery here is far beyond human imagination, and Mont Blanc is a crown-encrusted jewel, lying quietly in Chamonix Valley, bravely considered a king!

Situated at crossroads of France and Italy, Chamonix has a small population but is full of strong French style and is known worldwide as "Mont Blanc's best starting point".

This is a beautiful city surrounded by mountains of Chamonix, quiet, clean and clean, despite fact that there are many tourists here, it is still immaculate.

For two and a half centuries, Chamonix has been a haven for tourists and explorers, becoming a paradise for outdoor sports enthusiasts. In addition to skiing and mountain climbing, small town of Chamonix also has exciting and unusual helicopter tours and skydiving. You can sit in a cafe by stream and take a nap in sun, or you can sign up for extreme sports that will make your heart beat faster.

In city of Chamonix there is one of most important shopping streets with a total length of no more than 100 meters. There are shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants, etc. on both sides of street. Everything you need is here. Whether for gear parties, shopaholics, climbers or photographers... coming here is cleanest choice.

Chamonix is ​​a world-famous ski resort. The history of modern skiing dates back to 1924, when first Winter Olympic Games were officially held here. Since then, Chamonix has gradually become a skiing paradise in Europe. place.

There are unique natural conditions. Every year, starting in September, snow season begins in Chamonix region. After two heavy snowfalls, Mont Blanc area is covered with heavy snow and becomes a natural ski resort. The ski season can last until April next year.

There are 13 large-scale ski resorts near Chamonix with hundreds of ski slopes and a total length of more than 100 kilometers. From elementary green runs, intermediate red runs to ultra-difficult black runs, skiers of all levels will find their ski runs here. At the same time, it provides a variety of skiing services for skiers of all levels. Each ski resort has a long ski run where cross-country skiing, freestyle skiing and cross-country skiing can be enjoyed. There are also slopes for beginners and endless possibilities for skiers and mountain sports enthusiasts.

Aiguille du Midi is peak of Mont Blanc in French Alps with a height of 3842 meters. Winding mountains rise along glaciers, snowfields and rocky cliffs, 8 kilometers from dome of Mont Blanc, Aiguille du Midi is one of famous symbols of Chamonix.

The view from top is simply breathtaking.

At that time, cable car to summit was highest cable car in world and still remains cable car with largest vertical length in world: from 1035 to 3842 meters. On Aiguille du Midi there is an amazing glass observation deck, which offers beauty of highest peak of Alps - Mont Blanc and nearby peaks, a 360-degree panoramic view of snow-capped mountains and glaciers....< / p>

The Musée Alpin, located in magnificent palace of Chamonix, introduces many stories associated with climbing surrounding mountains. It is said that two people who first climbed Mont Blanc in 1786 were crystal collectors and doctors.

Musée des cristaux, a crystal museum displaying rocks, minerals and geological specimens from area, including many natural crystals.

Nestled in wooded meadows southwest of Chamonix, Parc Merlai is a charming natural zoo where you can get up close to marmots, chamois and other alpine animals.

Chamonix Golf de Chamonix, 18 holes, par 72, alpine course designed by Robert Trent Jones.

The local cuisine of Chamonix has a pronounced Alpine style, and most famous are two types of cheese. Firstly, La fundu savoyarde (La fondue savoyard), that is, cheese fondue. The bottom of hot pot is thick cheese, after cheese is cooked, it is eaten with bread, which has a special taste.

The second one is La raclette, Switzerland, a disc-shaped cheese (meulet) that is baked and eaten soft. After cheese is baked, it is eaten with pork and potatoes, which have unique taste of Swiss cuisine.

Doesn't boundless sky touch your heart? Don't you want to experience magnificence of this nature?