Guide to Mont Blanc


Recently I took advantage of my vacation to visit Mont Blanc, highest mountain I have ever been on and most gorgeous and magnificent mountain I have ever seen. I arrived in April, it was early spring, and temperature in mountain town was still very low. We took funicular to top, mountain is covered with snow, and higher temperature, lower temperature. At same time, higher altitude, rarer air, and at top of mountain there is a slight lack of oxygen. But not all of them, friends I walked with were alive and well, and there was no discomfort at all.

By way, I would like to popularize Mont Blanc with you so that you can have a preliminary idea about it. Mont Blanc (French Mont Blanc, which means "white mountain") is highest peak of Alps, located at junction of French Haute-Savoie and Italian Aosta Valley, with a height of 4808.73 meters. The two most famous cities near Mont Blanc are Courmayeur in Valle d'Aosta region of Italy and Chamonix in Haute-Savoie region of Rhone-Alpes region of France.

I just took funicular from small town of Chamonix to Mont Blanc viewpoint. While climbing cable car, I can't help but admire excellent craftsmanship of craftsmen. Designing and building a cable car in such difficult conditions is not an easy task. You have to overcome various difficulties. such as weather, terrain and natural disasters to ensure safety of cable car. The surroundings of cable car are transparent and you can enjoy impact of snow-capped mountains in all directions. Rising like clouds, with rocks and cliffs, I admire from bottom of my heart supernatural craftsmanship of nature. It is also a ski resort, skiing is a favorite sport of Europeans, along way you can see a lot of people coming here with all skiing equipment. Every year, countless tourists come here, which brings a considerable economic income to city, this is a real holiday for God.

After about 30 minutes of driving, I finally reached observation deck, which is like a magical land surrounded by green smoke. I can't wait to see Mont Blanc I was thinking of and appreciate its elegance. At this time, I began to show signs of hypoxia, dizziness and nausea, I had a feeling that I was shaking when walking. When I was about to buy a cable car ticket at foot of mountain, my companion told me that there would be hypoxia, and I dismissively said that I would not. As a result, he received a slap in face. But it does not interfere with my mood, and because I am young and healthy, I can bear it. Although it is inconvenient, I forget about everything when I play.

As we walked, Mont Blanc came into view. After watching, I quickly took out my mobile phone and began to photograph it from different angles and directions. I wanted to keep beauty of this moment for myself forever, even if I left, I would also like to take it away so as not to regret it. At top of observation deck there is a glass house, ground is transparent, you can rise and lower your head, and you will see abyss, where there is both excitement and heartbeat. But, unfortunately, during my visit it was not open.

Usually we look at snow-capped mountains from lowlands and look up, but this time I have opportunity to stand on a high place and look at snow-capped mountains. Baixue is worn on mountain like a hat, and it will be top of mountain, looking at all small mountains. Further down on a flat area you can see layout of city. The people who live here accompany Mont Blanc day and night, welcoming first rays of sun in morning. Among mountains, aroma of mulled wine and coffee hovers for a long time.

We spent over an hour on mountain and returned full of memories. The higher a person stands, wider his view and viewing angle. In same way, in life, it inspires us to constantly strive for new heights. Because, only having risen high enough, you can go down all your life.