Second day of trekking around Mont Blanc: Chamonix where dream begins


In 1786, Sauzur made his first ascent of Mont Blanc, marking beginning of modern mountaineering. And literally day before yesterday, on June 25, members of same team of the Grand Tour "2 + 3" also officially set off on a trip to Mont Blanc.

Day 2, Chamonix

The small town of Chamonix is ​​world famous for being located at foot of Mont Blanc, highest peak of Alps, roof of Europe. Here begins our hike around Mont Blanc.

  • A marathon that unites world

  • The marathon is most representative sport in history. Coubertin included marathon among first modern Olympic Games held in Athens in 1896. Since then, in all Summer Olympic Games, marathon has been one of most important competitions. Because marathon is a real test for everyone, it is considered soul of Olympic Games and best form of "sport for all" concept, demonstrating Olympic spirit of "faster, higher and stronger".

    At present, marathon has become hallmark of many cities, and Chamonix is ​​one of them. Every year at end of June, marathon enthusiasts from all over world gather in Chamonix to take part in local Mont Blanc Marathon. Every game day Chamonix is ​​empty. June 25 fell on 42 km race, team members arrived at start of race early in morning and felt popularity and popularity of local outdoor sports.

    Such a warm atmosphere gave us a great start to our walking tour. Life is also like a marathon. The key to victory is not in a momentary impulse, but in perseverance along way. I hope our hiking trip can also be completed successfully. Enjoying beautiful scenery, experiencing humanities, enjoying charm of nature sports, we will continue to challenge ourselves!

    Marathon awards ceremony

  • Aiguille du Midi, landmark of Chamonix

  • Aiguille du Midi (3842 meters above sea level) - a stone needle with sharp water nuts, standing on glaciers, snowfields and stone cliffs, is located 8 kilometers from Mont Blanc and is most notable attraction of Chamonix. Standing on it, you can enjoy a 360-degree panorama of Alps of France, Switzerland and Italy.

    Chamonix has highest and best cable car in Europe, which leads directly from foot of mountain to top of Aiguille du Midi at 3842 meters. In 1955, Chamonix cable car was officially opened, connecting Chamonix at an altitude of 1035 meters with Aiguille du Midi at an altitude of 3842 meters. Thanks to this, we also have opportunity to experience its charm up close.

    At top of South Needle Peak there is a panoramic observation deck, let's go see it together.

    Because our trip is on foot around Mont Blanc, we stand on Aiguille du Midi and look at Mont Blanc, and there are climbers who have actually climbed Mont Blanc.

    We also know a few outdoor sports enthusiasts who are about to climb Mont Blanc, let's say hello!

    Okay, this is where you can see Aiguille du Midi, let's move on to next stop.

  • A sea of ​​ice, cold and warm

  • This is largest glacier in France (Mer de Glace), from where you can take a cable car down to ice cave and crystal art gallery.

    The sea of ​​sparkling ice is 200 meters deep and meanders for 7 kilometers among giant stone pillars and stone cliffs. Englishman William Wyndham first discovered its existence in 1741 and gave it a name. This glacier moves 90 meters per year. In 1908, a rack railway was built and place became a scenic spot.

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      The temperature in ice cave is low, so you should wear thick clothes. But seeing such a shocking sea of ​​ice, excitement in his heart melted cold.

    • Chamonix where dreams begin

    • At end of day's journey, we returned to Chamonix, in center of town there is a statue that everyone who comes here must remember.

      This statue is Balmat, showing Saucer way to top of Mont Blanc. In June 1786, accompanied by a physician named Paccard, Balmat climbed to summit of Mont Blanc at 6:23 pm on same day. It took 26 years from Saussure's first award in 1760 to someone's first ascent to summit.

      Above, I shared with you second day of hike around Mont Blanc. At a close distance, we deeply appreciate shock caused by Alps and French-style landscapes of Chamonix.

      Walking continues, experiences and acquisitions also continue... Welcome to continue to pay attention to "Grand Tour of World of Travel" and follow "2+3" team to walk majestic mountains of Alps.