Maybe this is right way to go to France


ZY: big tour, -ist: someone with a certain idea

ZYist: Grand Tour Spirit Practitioner

That is: our group

The countdown to Mont Blanc hiking tour in July has begun. The closer we get to end, slower everything goes. I think there are many memories, reluctances and expectations!

A hike around Mont Blanc brings us not only physical challenges, but also visual pleasure, as well as a deep spiritual shock. The Mont Blanc region (Western Europe), represented by city of Chamonix in France, is a resort for outdoor sports not only due to its unique natural resources, but also concept of sports and ubiquitous sports atmosphere.

Origin of Day 12 Sports Paradise

The above four images should be familiar to everyone. They are also representatives of French sports: Coubertin, father of modern Olympic Games, French star Zinedine Zidane, major international competitions, French Open and Tour de France. We can say that development of competitive sports in France is very rapid.

Of course, not only competitive sports are well developed in France, but life of French is full of sports elements. We can say that whether it is a sports field or a fitness center, it can be seen everywhere.

When you step out of house, you will find a stadium built to suit conditions of area and blends seamlessly into environment without feeling harsh. Sport is no longer an exclusive activity in an exclusive place, but a way of life, just like eating, sleeping and shopping.

Look at it again, can you imagine what it is?

Isn't it just a lake? This is not a natural lake, but a natural pool, water quality is clear, bottom is covered with pebbles, people can freely switch between water and shore. Just imagine, with coolness of water, lying on grass and basking in sun, how pleasant this life is!

France is a fashion and leisure destination, and people from all over world come here to see sights. France annually receives about 70 million foreign tourists, ranking first in world. Abundant local sporting events have brought various regional customs to French sports tourism. It is clear that most people who come to France for tourism purposes are more inclined to participate in specific local sports.

About 83% of French people want to participate in more than one sporting event during their holidays. Surfing, sailing, skiing, rock climbing and mountain climbing are activities that French often indulge in when traveling and are also popular with foreign tourists. The vigorous development of French tourism led to development of economy, and also contributed to development of French sports tourism. Fashion, leisure and sunny sports are obvious labels of French sports tourism. The rich and characteristic sports in France attract people. participate in it. Enjoy charm of sports.

It can be said that sports atmosphere in France has been cultivated since childhood. Even in a small town there is no shortage of various sports facilities for children.

Even in the mountains there are entertainment complexes specially prepared for children, these facilities are not so high, they are all integrated and adapted to nature, and people cannot but use them, not intentionally.

Not only in France, but throughout Western Europe, atmosphere of leisure sports culture is very strong, especially in Mont Blanc region. Therefore, Chamonix is ​​known as an outdoor sports resort.

If one day, hearing word "sport" doesn't make you feel as distant as Olympics on TV, you may have already begun to really enjoy sport.