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Europe is a beautiful land, mountains and rivers are its curves, murmuring rivers are its veins, and crystal lakes are pearls inlaid with its body. There are countless famous mountains in Europe. Among Alps, there are majestic and direct like Matterhorn, euphemistic and sentimental like Jungfraujoch, and calm and heavy like Eiger. Among them, Matterhorn and Jungfrau are most famous and have largest number of tourists. But in eyes of a lover of outdoor activities in Europe, you should definitely see Mont Blanc.

Mont Blanc, highest peak of Alps, with a height of 4810.9 m. Due to influence of west wind, heavy rainfall falls on Mont Blanc all year round, and snow on mountain top does not melt all year round. Mont Blanc is located at crossroads of France and Italy, with Italian city of Courmayeur to east and French city of Chamonix to west. The unique geographical position of Mont Blanc has made Chamonix and Cume a holy place for climbers and skiers. Here is start and end point of my journey.

This journey has a famous hiking trail called Tour du Mont Blanc which is a route around Mont Blanc passing through France, Italy and Switzerland. The scenery along way is very beautiful. It takes about 8-15 minutes. days to descend. It is usually recommended to go counterclockwise from Cumayor or clockwise from Chamonix. In addition, you can also go half way, especially first semi-circle, because mountain road in first semi-circle is easier to walk and you can see Mont Blanc for most of distance, and it won't take too long. .

For people like me who like to spend a lot of time enjoying natural scenery, this half circle is perfect.

Day 1 Courmayeur - Elena's refuge

Courmayeur is a beautiful city. Many people start their Mont Blanc tour from here, so you can see that parking lot is often full of cars and there are often climbers picking up their gear along way. Arriving in Courmayeur day before, I set off on my first day trip after a night's rest. Throughout mountain, scenery is really beautiful: Daxue Mountain is always visible on left side, and herds of cattle and sheep are often found on hillside. Surrounded by mountain roads, I was tired of walking, so casually walked on grass on side of road to see blue sky and white clouds. Refuge Elena is a farmhouse on hill where we stayed for night. In fact, finish inside is not bad, and equipment is very complete. I don't know why, but there weren't many tourists that day, some of us lived in a hut and talked in bed at night, it was like a university dormitory back then.

Day 2. Refuge Elena - La Fourly

The next day, altitude rose again, and wind picked up. When we were at Elena shelter, we could see a large glacier on mountain. As we climbed higher, we could see it more clearly. Big monster on mountain. Shortly after we passed, we came to a pass and original blue sky and white clouds instantly turned into dark clouds. galloping horses Before we had time to put on Assault clothes and pants, it was already pouring rain. Having passed pass, we entered Switzerland, and mountain road also turned down. There is a valley surrounded by mountains on three sides. It is estimated that due to incessant rains, meadow here is also especially juicy and green. The mountain town of misty rain and border fortress in novel, in my opinion, are almost like that. It is in such climatic conditions that one of most common characteristics of outdoor equipment is required - waterproofness. Jackets, hiking boots and waterproofing are required.

Day 3 - La Fourlie - Champex

We live in La Fuli by a stream surrounded by a mountain. As a rule, campsites are chosen in places with water, or lakes, or streams. Firstly, water is essential for life, and secondly, materials in camp always catch fire easily, and water is safer. However, location of camp is usually higher than surface of water, as it often rains in mountains, especially in middle of night, so a higher location can prevent tent from being washed away by water in middle. at night. When I arrived at La Fourly evening before, it was dark and I could only get a rough idea of ​​the environment. When I woke up next morning, I was immediately fascinated. On back of mountain hangs a thin crescent surrounded by greenery, and stream flows slowly, but in less than half an hour sun has climbed to top of mountain, but, unfortunately, there is no snow, otherwise it would be considered a sunny golden top.

There is a lake in Champex. It was about five o'clock in afternoon when we arrived, and it was most beautiful moment in afternoon. The surface of lake sparkles, gently swaying little purple flowers by lake. Unlike mountains in western China, there are many small towns in Alps, elderly in Europe always like to decorate their huts in mountains, and balconies are always strewn with various small flowers. The gardeners here are also conscientious, and branches in the small courtyard are also neatly trimmed.

Day Four, Champex - Trient

On fourth day, this section of road is fully facing sun, and sun is least. After a long journey, we climbed into mountains. Trail runner. In Alps, when weather is good, we often meet cross-country teams. Cross-country running requires more physical strength, but it is definitely not suitable for muscular European-type men. Trail running shoes are also very special, unlike mountaineering shoes which require high water resistance. Trail running shoes require increased breathability, durability and slip resistance. A well-known brand of trail running shoes like Salomon never uses internationally recognized Vibram rubber soles for their soles. They are all their own soles. Long term trail running research makes them very confident in their soles.

Day 5 Trient - Argentiere

I keep seeing people say on internet that it will rain from Trient to Argentiere over Col de Balme. We prepared early in morning, but luckily we didn't run into that. The Col de Balme is where Switzerland and France meet. This section of road goes almost entirely through forest, there is nothing special about it. After several days of exhaustion, we couldn't wait for a hearty lunch upon arrival at Argentiere. Compared to food, camping in Argentiere is really cheap and place is very big. There is a large clearing in forest full of tents of different colors.

Day 6 Argentiere - Lac Blanc

The end point of this day is Lake Blanc, Lake Blanc which is also happiest day of my entire trip because scenery is so beautiful. Mont Blanc is close in front of you on left, and reflection of Mont Blanc can be photographed in several small lakes along way. It is for this reason that, yes, Refuge Blanc farmhouse on mountain is always crowded. Luckily, we quickly found a place to pitch a tent nearby. The water in Lake Blanc is muddy and green, bottom is not visible, but this cannot prevent climbers from descending lake to have a good swim, and I am one of them. However, I want to remind you that temperature on top of mountain is not high, and water in lake is cold, before entering water everyone should warm up.

Day 7 Lac Blanc - Chamonix

Unexpected things always happen at campsite. In morning I heard grass gently rubbing around tent, and when I got up, I saw several scattered wild goats leisurely having breakfast on grass 5 meters from me. I took camera and started shooting wildly. When I looked back, there was already a light morning light on top of mountain. We quickly went each to find a high place to meet sunrise.

When we arrived in Chamonix, it was already noon. From here we hitchhiked through cave to Courmayeur and took return train.

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