King of Alps Mont Blanc (France) Alps Eight Views #3


Mont Blanc (French: Mont Blanc, Italian: Monte Bianco) is located on border between France and Italy, also translated as Mont Blanc, is highest peak in Alps and highest peak in Western Europe, with a height of 4810 meters (the highest peak Europe is located on Mount Elbrus in southwestern Russia, 5642 meters above sea level).

Climbing Mont Blanc is one of highlights of our trip to Europe, as well as main goal of our trip to France. Entering Annecy in France from Geneva, our last stop in Switzerland, we headed east along south shore of Lake Léman (Lake Geneva), turned south at Evian for 70 kilometers, and arrived at "climbing base camp" on Mont Blanc. — Chamonix.

Climbing Mont Blanc in Chamonix is ​​not as difficult as climbing Jungfraujoch in Switzerland. You don't need to change halfway, but take cable car directly to Aiguille du Midi cable car station, but you need to change elevator to continue going up to observation deck 3842 meters.

The main peak of Mont Blanc (out of reach, you can only get to observation deck of Aiguille du Midi).

Location of Mont Blanc.

Take cable car from Chamonix to observation deck of Aiguille du Midi.

The mountain in distance is Aiguille du Midi, end station of cable car, 3842 meters high.

City of Chamonix in valley.

Glazed Aiguille du Midi bridge.

From Aiguille du Midi viewpoint, look out over mountains around Mont Blanc.

The farthest point is Great Jolas (one of three main northern walls of Alps).

La mer de Glace on Mont Blanc.

There is a small Swiss shop halfway up mountain.

I made a glacier on northwestern slope of Mont Blanc.

Mont Blanc is known for its height, not its character. At next stop, we went to see "Three Great Northern Walls" of Alps.