I can't get there, but I yearn for it: around Mont Blanc I must go in my life


Everything has a starting point, and mountains can be considered starting point of mountaineering and outdoor sports.

This mountain is Mont Blanc.

Mont Blanc, located at junction of France and Italy, in French is called Mount Blanc, and in Italian Mount Bianco, which means "white mountain", therefore also translated as Mont Blanc. Next, a magnificent photo of Mont Blanc. On right in middle of picture, "smooth" like a "steam bun" is Mont Blanc. It is covered with snow all year round, and it has been white since ancient times. Mountain".

If you think it's easy to climb because it looks "friendly", you're wrong.

Mont Blanc is highest peak of Alps, with a height of 4810 meters. Back in middle of 18th century, it has always been a legendary holy mountain, blocked by magical power, a fairyland and a paradise that ordinary people cannot climb. Until 1786, Englishman bravely climbed highest peak of glacier near French town and finally found his way to sky. The beautiful legend of Mont Blanc then began to spread around world.

They say that there is a place where rivers are full of climbing ropes, door handles are ice axes, fences are skis, taps are beer, and there are mountain climbers. Everything is a dream.

This is how history of city begins. This city is now world famous city of Chamonix.

At that time, Chamonix was still extremely inconvenient in terms of transport and unknown to world. Since first ascent of Mont Blanc, it has become "starting point of paradise". The famous British poet Shelley wrote a poem to Chamonix: "When Mont Blanc still shines high, Alps are already heaven on earth in Europe, Chamonix, new Xanadu."

This romantic city, surrounded by flowers and glaciers, amazed time. This is not only best starting point for climbing Mont Blanc, but also a winter ski resort where first Winter Olympic Games were held. It has also developed into an important venue for cross-country racing and foot sports, and gathers world's top outdoor brands.

Here is highest cable car station in Europe. Looking out over sacred Alps at Aiguille du Midi, you can't miss a single shocking experience. (Reminder: There are many people in summer and you need to queue. It is recommended to contact and make a reservation in advance)

Like a giant energy core, it attracts aspirations and steps of outdoor enthusiasts from all over world like a magnet.

The statue in picture below is one of landmarks in small town of Chamonix, telling of scene where Balma shows Saussure way to top of Mont Blanc. For hundreds of years, I don't know how many people have followed direction of these fingers, marching piously towards paradise in their hearts, and slowly cultivated world-famous alpine mountaineering culture and turned this paradise into an outdoor activity destination. people. Holy place to go.

Remember this Mont Blanc mountain, remember also this city, small town of Chamonix.

The outdoors starts here, and every outdoorsman eventually completes a comeback.

Race, dream

Back in 1786, people first climbed to top of Mont Blanc, and in 1787, a team of more than 30 people climbed to top again, opening prelude to modern mountaineering. Later, during Second World War, rock climbing and camping gradually took shape due to needs and development of military equipment. Until end of Second World War, various types of outdoor activities began to become a new way of life for entertainment, leisure and improving quality of life. Since first off-road adventure challenge held in New Zealand in 1989, outdoor events and competitions have been in full swing all over world. Many Grand Challenges are held in Europe every year.

The Tour Mont Blanc Supercross endurance race, UTMB (Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc), is one of most epic events.

UTMB is one of toughest cross-country running events in Europe. It is called dream race and it is divided into 5 groups. This is ultimate dream of many endurance runners. Every August footprints or eyes of cross-country skiers from all over world will once again focus on highlands around Chamonix and Mont Blanc.

"Let ordinary people do incredible things" is main goal of UTMB. I don't know how many people at starting line have tears in their eyes.

Outdoor sports started relatively late in my country compared to Europe and US, but in recent years it has also developed rapidly and has begun to make its way to global stage.

The 2018 China Outdoor Golden Rhino Award "Annual Cross Country Runner" was awarded to a Tibetan boy named Jia Ering. Words of award “...the result of winning championship (OCC group) on UTMB Tour Mont Blanc is of world-class difficulty and international importance, showing that Chinese runners also have opportunity to show their strength and demeanor to world. "The winner said, 'Chinese cross-country runners don't lack strength, they lack capacity. I hope that more Chinese runners can climb world's top arena."

Climbing, skiing, cross-country running - these extreme sports are after all designed for a small number of people or a small number of people. The most popular outdoor sports that really involve all people are hiking.

This is TMB, Tour du Mont Blanc, Mont Blanc, dream of every tourist.

"One of 20 dream trails in world", "One of top ten classic hiking trails in world", "One of most famous and popular hiking trails in Europe"... a recognized reputation.

Fang Jue went beyond imagination.

UTMB is a big deal, but TMB is a recent dream.

Sooner or later, I hope our shadows will flow there along way.

"Heidi and grandpa" beautiful scenery of Alps

Apart from all names or meanings that people are endowed with, most authentic thing left is its real charm.

The reason why TMB continues to thrive and attract attention is not only important position of history and culture, but also beauty that its own natural scenery radiates. The piece from "Heidi and Grandpa" struck a lot of people, besides being touching, typical alpine scenery in film is even more attractive and nostalgic.

TMB is a walking tour around highest peak of Alps - Mont Blanc. Every time you step and run, every time you look back and smile, it's as bright and beautiful as in movie.

Whether you're walking down a hilly mountain road with your luggage on your back, or riding a cable car, let alpine landscape slowly unfold beneath your feet and offer a panoramic view; or take a ride, let unfamiliar, but familiar landscapes flicker outside window; on every stretch of road, in any direction, you can admire all sorts of natural and cultural landscapes of Alps.

There are snowy mountains and glaciers here——

There are lakes and waterfalls here——

There is a meadow pasture here——

Wild flowers everywhere——

There is also a beautiful scenery with people outdoors—

The most special long pedestrian line across border of three countries

There are many hiking trails in world with beautiful and famous landscapes, and in just a few days of hiking you can go through three countries. Now it seems that there is only one around Mont Blanc.

The entire journey along TMB ring road is about 170 km, and one trip crosses borders of three countries, namely France, Italy and Switzerland. From point of view of cultural landscape, it can be called most special. For many friends, it has same charm as natural landscape. Or worse.

In mountains of Alps, on way to completion of this red ring road, you will pass through many passes, but only three of them will be deeply imprinted in your mind, that is, France-Roui and Rui-Yi. , Italy-France passes three borders.

The reason why traveling through these three passes is so exciting and unforgettable is not only symbolic meaning of political borders, but also magnificent natural scenery of pass itself. More importantly, you have moved from one culture to another. Of course, this did not happen when crossing border post, but when you went deeper into town at foot of mountain, among locals, you suddenly felt it.

Different countries and peoples have different historical origins. Although some places are close, there is indeed a lot in common, but otherwise it makes you feel far away in a trance. Different decoration styles, different everyday language, different holiday traditions, different tastes of food and more will be explored from your unique perspective.

Observe carefully, communicate more, and one trip can bring three times more value for money. It's your grass, so plant it quickly.

Complete infrastructure, accessible snowy mountains and glaciers

Many people are obsessed with snow-capped mountains and glaciers. They either risk their lives climbing snow-capped peaks or hike sacred mountains with just a glance. The life line is often accompanied by an icy death, and it often has supreme beauty and ultimate temptation. It's a pity, however, that altitude sickness threshold can't help but discourage too many people, it affects experience at very least, and at worst puts lives in danger, it's really embarrassing.

This could be a unique advantage in Europe, especially hiking trails around peaks of Alps. Take Mont Blanc for example, maximum height of hike on big ring is over 2500 meters, which means that within a radius of 3000 meters there will be absolutely no high reversal zones throughout entire journey, and you can enjoy beauty of snow. mountains and glaciers up close. And since elevation is low and vegetation is rich, TMB road is teeming with scenes of meadow flowers at bottom of upper snow-covered glacier.

Another feature of being in high latitudes is that even in hot summer of mid-July, snowy roads still remain on mountain, connecting with flowers and green grass, forming a unique landscape. The snow that sometimes closes before your eyes, sometimes under your feet.

Perhaps, you will think that behind such landscapes you need to climb mountains and mountains, and road is not easy, right? Is legendary Dahuan really a masochist? But actually it is not.

Construction and investment in outdoor infrastructure in Europe is well known, among which Switzerland holds a special place. The Mont Blanc area is also quite developed. There is a dense network of hiking trails and mature trails are very clearly signposted. In addition, there are also many cable car stations. for ski lovers.

This image clearly shows numerous hiking trails through endless mountains, these complex road networks attract and disperse tourists from all directions.

On TMB road, you will pass through ridges, canyons, streams, lakes, snowfields, flowers, forests, boulders, rock walls, cross a boardwalk, pass a wooden bridge, pass through a meadow, and once again complete this classic road, leaving countless traces.

However, with exception of a little-known "private route" indicated by guide, most of them have roads, and most of road conditions are prepared dirt or gravel roads, as shown in figure below .

In general, difficulty of Tour of Mont Blanc is not great, but strength is strength, a test of physical strength, not technique. If you usually do a lot of exercise, even if you have no experience of long-distance hiking, you can still jump and jump, as evidenced by precedents, but if you do not have enough physical strength, it will be very difficult. to complete even if you have more skills and experience.

In addition to well-developed road network, excellent conditions here are also reflected in many alpine wooden houses built into mountains, which greatly facilitates huge number of tourists. If you still prefer traditional way of camping, most of them can camp near log cabin to get supplies and water. If you have come just to enjoy beautiful scenery, you can easily pack up and check in your luggage with transfer service. Thus, hiking on TMB is not just a distant dream

A prosperous and calm, very comfortable environment for hiking

UTMB and TMB are world-class trails visited by countless tourists every year.

Some people travel alone, some friends travel together, and some travel as families with babies on their backs. When meeting you, you will greet with a smile or make way: “Bonjour!”, “Hello!”, “Hi!”

From time to time on road, tourists from all over world approach or overtake from behind. Some travel with tents on their backs, some run off-road with only a water bag on their backs, and some ride mountain bikes.

Everyone feels and creates such a beautiful passage at same time.

The comfortable camping atmosphere of TMB lies in fact that in addition to hustle and bustle, most of time you still have your own quiet moments.

I can't tell if it's because mountainous area is too big and there are too many roads, so distraction effect is great, or because our guide deliberately took a lot of private routes at time. My impression of big ring is that, apart from meeting many other tourists on main road, most of time it seems that only our little team is there, as if whole world belongs to us. This is different from imaginary world famous TMB, which can almost be called an unexpected "secret place".

This "secret realm" is obviously necessary. It gives you space and opportunity to experience how you have done this extraordinary work with ordinary efforts all way. So many days of rolling mountains means frequent ups and downs each day that test not only knees but soul.

The soul is enlightened in this "secret realm". As you walk through silence and singing, struggle and emotion, loneliness and laughter, you will find that each step has meaning and irreplaceable value.

Like your entire past, every book you read, every place you go, every person you meet has become an integral part of your life.

Stranger, see you on road~